Why Strength Is Important For Athletes & Everyone

Strength training is a means in which we increase our athlete’s ability to produce muscular force. In a more broad sense, strength is the ability to move a weight regardless of the time it takes.

The greater the level of resistance to overcome or resist in a sport, the great level of strength is required. 

Studies have shown that higher-level athletes tend to be physically stronger than their less successful counterparts.

What does that mean?

It means the stronger you are physically, the more chance you have to dominate your opponents.

The difference in strength isn’t only confided to the sports you would commonly think of, the difference has been shown in sports such as: rowing, sprinting and football.

Some sports coaches still say that absolute strength isn’t necessary in sport, we strongly disagree.

Sprint speed and jump height have been strongly correlated to front squats and clean max, these actions (sprinting & jumping) can be the decisive factor in winning therefore their importance is great.

Yes the skill of the athlete is the most important factor, but off the pitch, field or court we should be doing everything we can to increase relative maximal strength & athleticism.

Studies have shown strength to play is a big role in injury prevention for athletes; stronger athletes are more resilient and have been scientifically proven to sustain less non-contact injuries.

In summary, stronger people (relatively) are faster, more explosive, more resilient to injury and harder to kill.  

Athletes today are: faster, stronger and more powerful!

How are you going to compete?

We must remember that strength builds ALL athletic qualities.

Strength is the absolute king in sports performance.

We can get any athlete or general trainer stronger with our comprehensive method of strength development.

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