Fitness Business Accelerator

If you’ve been looking for the secret to help you build a wildly successful fitness coaching business, then this is the course for you.

You’ve seen information about how to build a business everywhere you turn, but you have no idea how to create a system that will support you to create the success you crave (so that you can ensure you’re NOT the 98% of fitness business owners that fail in the first 2 years).


I’ve been exactly where you are now, and through years of implementing and testing all the strategies, I’ve created a 12-week program that will take you from just starting out to becoming a wildly successful coach and business owner.

I reveal exactly how I created a 6-figure personal training business with less than $100 when I first started, and provide you with the tools, support, systems and accountability to make a serious impact in a competitive industry.

You’ll have access to coaching & mentoring from me from the comfort of wherever you are in the world

You’ll also have access to an amazing community of coaches who will inspire and support you on every step of your journey.

Are you currently...

- Struggling to grow and scale your personal training business?

- Not charging your worth or don’t even know how to price yourself?

- Not sure where to start or what strategies you need to implement?

- Not sure how to stand out in a competitive industry?

- Not sure how to get new clients?


“Tim has supported me with setting up systems that I wasn’t paying attention to. Since then marketing on social media has been more consistent, tracking leads and offering more to potential clients. In a short amount of time, I’ve added 15 clients into my group training. Tim is knowledgeable, supportive and effective at getting a result. Once you put everything Tim has taught you into action you’ll reap the rewards, the systems and the results speak for themselves.” - Marko

I know how challenging those first few years can be. Perhaps you are...

- Afraid of failing?

- Scared you’ll be judged for failing by your peers?

- Feeling like you’re wasting your time with this career choice?

- Worried it’s going to be hard to make money?

- Scared you don’t know what you’re doing


This is for you if you’re ready to...

- Earn over $100,000 per year

- Be wildly successful in the fitness industry

- Receive the recognition you deserve for building something that transforms bodies and lives

- Be mentored on by someone who has done it before you

- Receive reassurance you’re on the right path

- Learn simplified strategies for your own success and your clients success too

- Know how to get new clients with ease

- Learn proven systems and strategies that work

I want you to be a successful coach

I want you to make the money you deserve

I want you to have a lifestyle you’re proud of and love

I want you to make the impact you have to make

Are you ready to go all in on making those dreams a reality?

This is the course for you.


Why Work With Me:

- I’ve grown a multi 6-figure business with less than $100 to start with.

- I’ve coached multiple trainers and businesses who have achieved over 6 figures in revenue in less than a year.

- I’ve invested over $260,000 AUD on mentors, coaches and education over the last 10 years.

- I’ve worked with over 2000 paying clients

- I’ve worked with all types of clients including Australian Professional Athletes, Olympic Gold Medalists, NCAA champions.

“The main thing that I have learned from Tim is how to be organised in running a large business. Tim runs such a successful business and everything is prepared perfectly and nothing is missed. He has taught me how to succeed with a large number of clients and how to build sustainable and easy systems that are extremely effective and manageable. My clients love how thorough my processes are, no stone is left unturned with Tim. Tim is professional, thorough and knowledgeable in all areas relating to business. I’ve had a great experience working with Tim. He has pushed me to be the best that I can be and he has believed in my ability since day one. His high standards have helped me become the person that I needed to be to succeed in a competitive field. Honestly so grateful for Tim, I wouldn’t be half the person I am today without him.” - Tayler

Topics We Cover:

Week 1: Know Your Why

Week 2: Business Basics


Week 3: Target Market

Week 4: Pricing + Package + Niche

Week 5: Selling Strategies

Week 6: Social Media Marketing

Week 7: General Marketing

Week 8: Bulletproof Your Mindset

Week 9: Programming For Results

Week 10: Coaching

Week 11: Client Retention

Week 12: Systems You Need To Scale

What You Get:

- Weekly video lecture on topics

- Weekly homework and done for you templates to use

- 60min orientation/goal setting call

- Monthly Zoom meeting for FAQ’s

- Pre-start success check-in questionnaire


- 1x additional 60min call for when you need it

- Unlimited email support

- Access to Helix Gym programming

“Working with Tim was amazing, he taught me how to structure my social media for business to generate leads and make sales using systems and processes. I got really clear on who my ideal client is and who I'm targeting in my marketing. Tim showed belief in me that I was lacking, this has been the difference between taking the next step in my coaching business. If you’re a PT or coach you’d be crazy not to improve your business by working with someone who has grown a fitness business from nothing. You will generate whatever income you desire by working with Tim.” - Shaun

About Me

10 years ago I was a struggling personal trainer who couldn’t get a single client for my first 12-months in business. Lucky I was living with my parents so I could survive!

I realised that I need to learn everything there is to learn about entrepreneurship, programming, sales, a lot about mindset, client retention and so much more.

I knew without a serious investment of time and money I wasn't going to crack it in the fitness industry, it’s one of the most competitive industries in the world.

I invested every penny into growing my understanding of business & specifically the fitness industry… over $260,000 *shocked face emoji*. The thing is, I now know I didn’t need to invest anywhere near that much to create massive success in my business.

I now own and manage one of the biggest private strength & conditioning gyms in Australia & have an amazing team. It’s a business that generates multi 6 figures with a thriving client base.

Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 8.21.17 am.png

I’ve had the opportunity to learn from the best leaders in fitness businesses around the world and work with every type of client including Olympic gold medalists, NCAA champions and Australian professional athletes.

Applications are now open for this course. In order to be eligible you must book in a 1:1 phone chat with Tim on the button below

“My whole business exists because of Tim. He’s been super honest & real when I've had my head in the clouds about business. He's always offer incredible tools & advice that work every time. He’s not afraid to dream big & has helped me to do the same. I've grown two 6-figure businesses, with hundreds of clients and it's honestly all because of Tim’s coaching. Working with Tim has been simple, supportive and honest. It’s a no brainer and will change your world. If you do what he says & just follow the program you literally can't mess it up. He knows his stuff & he genuinely wants you to succeed. Forever grateful for Tim.” - Steph


  1. What if I decide I don’t like it? Do you offer a refund?

We offer a one week comfort guarantee, if you’re not happy with any aspect of the service in the first week I’ll give you a full refund.

2. Is this course the next right move for me?

Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 8.22.59 am.png

If you’ve hit a roadblock in your journey as a coach and you’re looking to take the next step, then this is the course for you.

3. When's the next time this course will be open, if I don't join this round?

We have multiple rounds planned for each year, if you’re at a road-block right now I’d recommend taking action right now. Without change, nothing changes.

4. How much of this is actually taught by Tim?

100% of the content is taught by Tim, using the best parts of what’s worked for him over the last 10 years of business, coaching and entrepreneurship.

5. When does the course start?

The next date is on the 9th of November 2019

6. Why is this the best investment for me right now?

If you’re a coach, you want to learn from someone who has been and done what you want to do, Tim is a leader in Australian fitness and has built one of the biggest micro-gyms in Australia from the ground up.

7. Are payment plans available?

Yes we offer payment plans to suit your needs

8. What are your qualifications and experience?

10 years in the fitness industry

Master of Exercise Science (Strength & Conditioning)

Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science (ESSA)

Master of Neuro-linguistic Programming

Practitioner Level Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Practitioner of Time Line Therapy

Master of Time Line Therapy


CHF Nutrition Level 1 & 2

Mentored by 7 different entrepreneurs & business coaches

Investment Options

Pay In Full $2997

Payment Plan 4x $899 monthly payments

The first 10 people to join our November intake will receive:

Bonus Freebie 1: 60min mindset session to get clear on your direction and overcome any doubts, fears or limiting beliefs (Valued at $250)

Bonus Freebie 2: Access to the Helix Method of training membership website for 12-weeks. (Valued at $250)