5 Things That Matter When Getting Results ✅
✅1. Accumulation is key

You need to train…consistently, often and more than you think.

To attain something you’ve never had you need to do something you’ve never done.

Hitting your regular 2-3 sessions per week with no structure is going to get you nowhere fast.
✅2. You need to make time not excuses. “Im too busy” “I’ve got too much going on”

If its important to you, you will make time.
✅3. Nutrition is one of the keys

Along with: sleep, water intake, following a program, following a structured program, water intake, reducing your stress… your nutrition intake will dictate the results you achieve.
✅4. Don’t write your own programs

Even some of the best strength coaches in the world don’t write their own programs.


Its not because they don’t have the knowledge.

Heres a few reasons:

A) As humans we do what we like and what we’re comfortable with
B) Its good to change it up
C) Everyone needs a coach
D) Nothing good happens by staying in your comfort zone.
✅5. Count your calories

You can still over eat on “healthy food”

Knowing how much you’re consuming and how much you should be consuming is key.

The basics work in most cases, practical advise is your best friend when chasing fitness goals.

Ask yourself, “Is my current level of action going to get me my desired result?” Coach T