4 Reasons Why You Need Someone Else Writing Your Programs


  1. You subconsciously want to do what you’re good at and don’t focus on your weaknesses.


  • Its rare for someone to program their own session to their true capabilities.


  1. You have nobody keeping you accountable.


  • Who knows if you’ve actually put in the work and hit the numbers?


  1. Improved motivation


  • Every few weeks, you know a new program is coming. More incentive to keep on trucking and putting in the graft.


  1. Learning


  • You get to check out what other people are doing, how, why, what and why not.


Lastly, I’ve heard it in the industry a bunch of times:


“The best program is the one you’re not on”


AKA Shiny program syndrome 


You always want to start the next: phase, cycle, program, training method etc when you’re not ready.


Have you put in the work and finished your current one?


A good program helps…. Consistency and putting in the work is a bigger determinant of success.


Stay the course, reward for effort


Coach Tim