Blog: 4 Things I’ve Learnt In The USA

Wrapping up my 2 week learn-cation I feel it would be fitting to have a summary of some learnings I’ve had.

Its been a good trip, an un-expectedly random trip.

Booze, bears, beaches, bars, bbqs, barbells and hot sauce would summarise the happenings.

1. Distances is the perfect recipe for perspective

Perspective in life, friends, business and training.

I’ve had the opportunity to see things for what they really are from 5000ks.

You’re blessed.

2. The homelessness in LA has blown me away

It really makes you appreciate the life we have, if you’re reading this I bet you’ve got a very good standard of living and you need to appreciate that more.

My first day in LA I went down to Venice beach, it was like a scene from The Walking Dead.

People being crazy and running riot.

3. More education doesn’t equal better results

I’ve said this to my coaches a few times but the more I learn about strength & conditioning the more I dumb it down and get back to basics.

I’ve spent the better part of 9 years researching everything related to strength, more knowledge won’t make my members results better.

Adherence, attendance and sticking to the basics will.

Is the best coach the one who gets results or the one with the biggest brain?

4. The grass is always greener

Sometimes you get this fascination of what things will be like, that someone/somewhere/somehow has the secret sauce.

The moment you realise you have the secret sauce and the ability to have anything you want is an amazing thing.

The grass isn’t greener, you dictate your happiness wherever the fuck you are.