Are you under eating?


How many times have you been told in order to lose fat you need to eat less? Here are some signs you might be under-eating:


·      Not losing weight

·      Your blood sugar is on a rollercoaster

·      Your mood is all over the shop

·      You have sleeping issues


Usually under eating goes hand in hand with over training. Here are some signs you might be over training:


·      Persistent soreness

·      Persistent fatigue

·      Elevated HR

·      Susceptibility to infections

·      Irritability

·      Increased incidence of injury


A lot of the time when I discuss caloric goals with my clients/athletes they are disgusted with how high the number is.


“What? That has to be wrong”


“ I can’t eat that much, ill get fat”


“Are you sure that’s right?”


“My Instagram fitspo said 1200 calories a day that’s it”



We are constantly being fed misinformation about food & nutrition day in day out, read 20 books and each one will have a different point of view on what you should be doing. We’ve got:


·      Low carb

·      High carb

·      No carb

·      High fat

·      High protein

·      Ketogenic

·      Juicing

·      Cleansing

·      Fasting

·      IIFYM


And the list goes on…


How do I calculate how much I should be eating?


Step 1: Determine your Basal Metabolic Rate


BMR= 370 + (21.6 x LBM)  <LBM= Lean body mass>


*** To find LBM you need to get your body fat done***


Step 2: Determine your physical activity level


Sedentary- 1-4-1.69

Moderately Active- 1.7-1.99

Vigorously Active- 2-2.4

Competitive Athlete- 2.5 +


Step 3: Determine total daily energy expenditure




Step 4: Determine your goal


Here’s the tricky part, once a client/athlete has usually broken down their current nutrition they are 95% of the time under eating so simply getting someone back to maintenance is going to be massive.


How do you know if your nutrition is working?


·      Are you losing fat?

·      Are you getting stronger?

·      Are you gaining muscle?

·      How are your cravings, appetite, energy levels etc. throughout the day?


So you’re feeling crap, you’re having digestive issues, you can’t lose fat, you’re tired, you’re fatigued, and you get some anxiety here and there? Maybe some, maybe all.


 Maybe you’re under eating.


Try hitting your caloric maintence goals for a few weeks and see how you feel.


A lot of this stuff hasn’t even scratched the surface on what a nutritionist or dietician does day in day out. Its true, nutrition is the most important factor in your results and if you stuff it up, good luck on getting there. Education is key to success but long term under eating isn’t going to get you to your goals.


Nutrition needs to be periodised, tracked and progressed according to the individual and their results.


I’m not an expert on the topic but I give my advice & suggestions to any of the HSP family.