Top 5 Gyms I’ve Trained In Around The World

Its no secret I’m a self confessed meat head, I love training and I love training at other gyms to see how they do things.

I’ve been to 86 bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting, Crossfit, Calisthenics and Strength & Conditioning gyms across 4 continent.

It was hard to make my Top 5 but ill tell you why they were selected below.

The following list of facilities all have one thing in common: they were built with heart and passion.

Its one thing you’’ll struggle to find in a globo gym.

Number 5: Athlete X (Yangibup, Western Australia)

Mel and Sam from Athlete X are some of the most passionate and dedicated coaches I’ve met, their facility is efficient, huge and serves a purpose.

Their members get results and love training there, they know what they’re talking about and theres no fluff to their process.

Theres an athlete in everyone.


Number 4: Nirvana Strength (Bali, Indonesia)

After 17 trips to Bali in the last 8 years I’ve had the pleasure of lifting in every establishment on the island, some we’re good, some were diabolical and one was amazing.

Nirvana has the best coaches and facilities on the island, I’ve seen plenty of coaches in my time but their passion is second to none.

Its a breathe of fresh air to step into a gym that has an ego free zone.

If you’re in Bali hit up Ian & Jonathan


Number 3: Mikes Gym (Marbella, Spain)

I had the pleasure of training there for 6 days in 2017, its fully decked out with a CrossFit Box, Cali setup, OCR track and onsite accomodation.

Basking in the Spanish summer on south coast was one of the best training experiences Ive ever had.

The obstacles course which takes over an hour for most people will put hairs on your chin.

Mike from Mikes Gym is a pure legend.



Number 2: Das Gym (Vienna, Austria)

This gym was ridiculous, I couldn’t even fathom the setup cost. I walked in and my jaw was on the floor for the entire training experience over the 4 days I had there.

They’ve got more high end training gear than I’ve ever seen anywhere.

The 2 brothers who own Das Gym live for training, the kind of people that you’re just drawn too.

Every aspect of this facility was impressive, it was a huge inspiration for me.



Number 1: Helix Gym (Wangara, Western Australia)

My baby, what else could be #1?

After starting in my parents garage in 2015, its been a labour of love for 4 years to grow it to its current size.

Its been a process of blood, sweat and tears.

I’ve put everything I’ve earnt into the build and we’re proud of what it represents.

A community that cares for real strength & conditioning, we value all disciplines of S&C and they’re used in our programming when required.

We train for peak performance and everyone that commits to the process will attain it.



Whats your favourite gym in the WORLD? Comment below.