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BLOG: Trust the Process


BLOG: Trust the Process


Trust the process, like we always say.

When people follow structured and progressed programs, crazy things happen.

Tayler took her bench in 12 months from 52.5kg x 1 and is now working at 5x6 @ 60kg with a 5 second eccentric (not in the video). I predict her 1RM is now at 85-90kg which would represent a huge increase in 12-months. (+32.5-37.5kg)

What causes such a huge increase in a relatively short amount of time?

I think it could be: - Having a weaker lift previously due to not putting that much time into training it.

Or - Follow a structured strength program for 12 months alternative accumulation and intensification to the tee for that entire period.

Or - A combination of both (most likely). Whatever the cause, its a massive increase and something that needs to be acknowledged.

The key to this is, if you want to improve a lift you need to get after it with consistency and intensity for a long period.

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Those that commit and stay the course get wilder results than imaginable.

Letting external/internal factors get in the way of a result generally makes the desired outcome not happen.

We take care of the sciencey shit with programming so you don’t have to think about it.

We contact you most days to hold you accountable.

You’ll train is a fun environment 3-7x per week.

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Helix has been 10 years in the making, 10 years of trial and error.

10 years of mess ups to make a very good system for getting results and improving lives.

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