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BLOG: Trust the Process


BLOG: Trust the Process


Trust the process, like we always say.

When people follow structured and progressed programs, crazy things happen.

Tayler took her bench in 12 months from 52.5kg x 1 and is now working at 5x6 @ 60kg with a 5 second eccentric (not in the video). I predict her 1RM is now at 85-90kg which would represent a huge increase in 12-months. (+32.5-37.5kg)

What causes such a huge increase in a relatively short amount of time?

I think it could be: - Having a weaker lift previously due to not putting that much time into training it.

Or - Follow a structured strength program for 12 months alternative accumulation and intensification to the tee for that entire period.

Or - A combination of both (most likely). Whatever the cause, its a massive increase and something that needs to be acknowledged.

The key to this is, if you want to improve a lift you need to get after it with consistency and intensity for a long period.

Want to get stronger, bigger, leaner, faster or insert (desire)? Join Helix.

Those that commit and stay the course get wilder results than imaginable.

Letting external/internal factors get in the way of a result generally makes the desired outcome not happen.

We take care of the sciencey shit with programming so you don’t have to think about it.

We contact you most days to hold you accountable.

You’ll train is a fun environment 3-7x per week.

We pinch your fat regularly to make sure you’re on track.

We run in-house competitions to stoke the motivation for an outcome.

Helix has been 10 years in the making, 10 years of trial and error.

10 years of mess ups to make a very good system for getting results and improving lives.

Join our 6 week challenge:


BLOG: We’ve done it with over 1000 people.


BLOG: We’ve done it with over 1000 people.

Helix- All In 2019-126.jpg

Can you remember a time where you didn’t follow a training program?


Now…. Can you remember a time where you did follow a training program?

Which got better results?

Im guessing for 99% of people reading this, the time you followed a training program you get better results.

Let us take the hassle out of improving your performance by getting you stronger, leaner, faster and better by following a program we write for you.

At the end of the day, all you need to do is show up + follow some loose nutrition guidelines and you will be the best version of yourself in no time.

How do we know?

We’ve done it with over 1000 people.

Start your journey now by signing up to our 6-Week Challenge via the link in our bio or heading to


BLOG: 11 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Training Today


BLOG: 11 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Training Today

✅ Alternating between strength/hypertrophy phases as they yield better returns than just smashing yourself all the time
✅ Mobilise the joints you’re going to use for the session ahead
✅ Track every training session for load, volume, intensity, exercises
✅ Don’t neglect your cardiac health (do conditioning)
✅ Get a coach that knows what they’re doing
✅ Train with other people ahead of where you’re at
✅ Challenge yourself and don’t stick to things you’re just good at
✅ Actually follow a program and stick to it
✅ Stop buy into training fads
✅ Don’t starve yourself
✅ Don’t max out too often
✅ Drink more water than you think you need

Start your journey at


BLOG: Preventing Injuries During Training


BLOG: Preventing Injuries During Training

Helix Sports Performance-261.jpg

I wanted to talk about preventing injuries during training.

Basically injuries occur during training when 1 of these 4 things happen, possible more than 1 at the same time:

- You do dumb/unsafe shit
- You’re body isn’t ready for the volume/training/you go too hard
- You haven’t warmed up properly
- Your coach has no idea what they’re doing

I understand there’s more to it, but this is anecdotal AF.

So with these 4 things in mind, prevention would be as follows:

1. Follow a structured training program that stays away from fads (unstable surface training, bosu’s, f45)
2. Don’t do high rep exercises that have the potential to injure you (high rep oly work)
3. Build up to a certain volume/training style or training methodology, throwing yourself in the deep end is likely to end in tears.
4. Do a structured warmup that takes all joints through the range of motion expected during the training session, it also should increase body temp and increase in intensity.
5. Leave the ego at the door and realise that performance isn’t an overnight issue, train at sub-max most of the time.
6. Get a coach who knows what they’re doing, no weekend or online certifications.

When I hear of the countless stories of people getting injured in gyms/training facilities, I like to think they’re mostly preventable.

We’ve had one major injury in 4 years of Helix, by major it was a fractured arm due to falling off a box on a box jump.

Not Helix but unlucky/should have been ready to catch the fella


Blog: Recovery Game Strong!


Blog: Recovery Game Strong!

On fortnightly Sundays we invite members to enhance their recovery game.

We combine sauna, ice bath and Wim Hof breathing in a 2-hour session.

We went for MAX EFFORT’s in the ice and added 10 bags of ice every round for increased chill.

Plenty of gyms preach movement, mindset and wellness but how many actually practice it?

Fitness is more than just smashing yourself in the gym, its about learning how to recover the body.

To be honest only a small % of members are actually game enough to commit to these sessions but the ones that do get huge benefits.

Whens the last time you gave back to your body?

The harder you smash yourself the harder you need to recover.