4 Reasons Your Squat Sucks

1.      You're too tight

Mobility/flexibility like anything takes time to hone, if you’re lacking in this department it’s going to take some time to correct your deficiencies.

Like anything you value, you should be practicing it daily therefore mobility training should be a priority.

Most of the time a lack of depth in the squat is a result of poor mobility.

How do we correct that?

Mobility work, pretty simple.

Stop being lazy.

2.     You’re not going deep enough

There are now studies that say not squatting to parallel has some added benefits for sports performance.

Yep that’s right, spanner in the works hey.

For me squatting ass to grass in my facility is key, no excuses.

Squatting ass to grass gives us the:

·      Greatest range of motion

·      Greatest time under tension

·      Most muscle recruitment

Good enough reasons for me along with a host of others.

3.     You’re not squatting enough

Getting good at squatting is all about frequency; you need to squat a lot over time.

It’s a skill that needs to be practiced, squatting 3x10 once a week isn’t going to cut it.

Yeah that’s better than nothing but you’re going to need a bit more than that.

Here’s an outtake from an article on T-nation called “the squat 4x per week experiment”:

“I saw marked improvement in my squat numbers – again, not really surprising. As a frame of reference, I started off my "heavy" squat days performing sets of 3 reps with 245-265 pounds. By week five, I was using 335 pounds for multiple sets, and even hit a set of 10 (deep) reps with 300 pounds. And while I realize that's really nothing to brag about, it ain't too shabby either – especially considering I hadn't been squatting regularly for an extended period of time.”

To read this full piece head to:


4.     You don’t push yourself

It can be hard to push yourself, I can agree with that. Even from coaches point of view going hard in the gym when nobody is around is a challenge.

I’m not talking balls to the wall lifting; I’m talking moving some decent weight around with good technique and a structured program.

Of course I’ve only addressed a few of the reasons your squat might suck, but ill leave some for a follow up post.

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Coach Tim