Blog: Here’s what I learnt after meeting with 37 members this week & getting results.

Holding 100+ members accountable is a challenge.

A big challenge, but I do love it.

My job is to get people results.

Generally everyone wants to:

1. Look better

2. Feel better

3. Move better

4. Win something

Great goals to have, but how do you accomplish that?

Generally by following a few key principals.

1. Train a min 3-4x per week with weights

2. Track your nutrition via an app

3. Walk 10k steps per day min (movement is key)

4. Consume 1L of water per 20kg of bodyweight (more if you’re training)

5. Clear the bullshit limiting beliefs in your head.

6. Cut booze

Generally if you’re doing this and not eating like an idiot you will get results.

What are general results if this is done?

Realistically drop 0.3-0.8% body-fat per week and gaining 0.1-0.6kg of lean muscle mass per week is do-able depending on training history.

Bear in mind those are sustainable figures, you could get quicker results but will they last?

I make this sound simple because i want you to do it, its as hard as you make it.