How to eliminate weaknesses & improve injuries easily

I love helping broken people overcome niggling injuries, pain and movement deficiencies with smart, structured and progressive strength programming.

Heres how I get all members to pain-free, moving well and happy with their training.

Is there a niggling injury you just can't get past?

Is it something you want to improve?

Heres how:

1. Identify the limiting factor or cause of the injury/discomfort via biomechanics assessment
2. Plan intervention for improvement
3. Take all joints to the maximal safe range during warm-up protocols (ankle, knees, hips, t-spine)
4. Add external load to lengthen & strengthen through all possible ROM
5. Add in strength training so solidify positions progressively
6. Use body-building style rep schemes to strengthen ligaments, tendons and pump the area was nutrients/blood.
7. Program other training methodologies to support additional goals.

Is this something your incorporating into your current training?

Commonly we see issues in the ankles, knees, and shoulders as the main areas.

Due to the 21st century lifestyle, we’re sitting most of the day so our bodies adapt to that position.

Taking the body into opposites is the best way to improve the range of motion through tight spots.

For shoulder health, we live in flexion so taking the shoulders into extension in a structured and progressive way is a game-changer for everyone we’ve worked with.

Improving weaknesses, pain and injuries is a simple process it just takes consistent effort overtime on the right type of program.

I've seen plenty of people get injured going to hard with their training when they’re not quite ready for it.

Lifes too short to be injured and not moving your best.

Is there anything you need help with?