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I wanted to talk about preventing injuries during training.

Basically injuries occur during training when 1 of these 4 things happen, possible more than 1 at the same time:

- You do dumb/unsafe shit
- You’re body isn’t ready for the volume/training/you go too hard
- You haven’t warmed up properly
- Your coach has no idea what they’re doing

I understand there’s more to it, but this is anecdotal AF.

So with these 4 things in mind, prevention would be as follows:

1. Follow a structured training program that stays away from fads (unstable surface training, bosu’s, f45)
2. Don’t do high rep exercises that have the potential to injure you (high rep oly work)
3. Build up to a certain volume/training style or training methodology, throwing yourself in the deep end is likely to end in tears.
4. Do a structured warmup that takes all joints through the range of motion expected during the training session, it also should increase body temp and increase in intensity.
5. Leave the ego at the door and realise that performance isn’t an overnight issue, train at sub-max most of the time.
6. Get a coach who knows what they’re doing, no weekend or online certifications.

When I hear of the countless stories of people getting injured in gyms/training facilities, I like to think they’re mostly preventable.

We’ve had one major injury in 4 years of Helix, by major it was a fractured arm due to falling off a box on a box jump.

Not Helix but unlucky/should have been ready to catch the fella