Why Your Pre-Season Will Be The Same As Every Other Year…

When I was a kid I couldn’t really read good English. ^^^ that was a joke, I think quoted from Zoolander.

Anyway, to make a point

My English was poor while I was growing up (Non English speaking parents), but I do remember and had written down a quote I heard wayyyyy back when and that is: “If you keep doing what you always do, you always get what you always got”

When shit hits the fan or aren’t going as I would like them to I always say that to myself and ACT to make changes.

So why your pre-season will be the same as every other year… because nothing changes

You do the same things, year in year out, season in season out expecting different results.

The reason you keep getting: soft tissue injuries, you’re slow, weak and can’t beat your opponents are you lack that physical capacity.

Fear not, it can be improved.

But first you need to realise, the current position you’re in is up to one person… 
That person is you

Coach Tim