Is 2018 going to be another year of disappointment or actually hitting your goals? 
New Year New You!? So you want to look better, feel better and move better?

So does everyone else.

1st of Jan, a bunch of resolutions will contain looking, feeling and moving better.

The big reasons why most fail at these: no consistency, no accountability and lack of knowledge.

The third one can be painful to hear…

The more I learn, the more I learn about how much I don’t know.

But thats all a part of the process.

What I do know is how to get you looking better, feeling better and moving better.

For my own struggles with business or mindset, I seek out professional help when I need it.

Its always worth it.

Key to any fitness endeavour is using professional help.

A serious portion of people who have those fitness related resolutions will hit the same roadblocks.. - Blow it out with booze socially
- Eat junk, not prepare food
- Continue with bad influences
- Priorities short term joy
- Mindset
- Self sabotage
- + excuses

We’re creatures of habit

We do what we’re used to

It can be hard to break a bad lifestyle

Possible, but you need the support network and knowledge.

Whats your fitness goal for 2018? What will you do differently this year? This IS your year.

Coach Tim