14 Nutrition Principals To Live By

Your external appearance is a reflection of the choices you have made.

Nutrition as i've previously mentioned is a vital part of creating the body you've always desired.

To help you along in this process i wanted to share 14 Nutrition Rule To Live By:

The biggest mistake of the 20th century was to reinvent food.

The biggest mistake of the 21st century was to use chemicals to correct food.

The state of the worlds nutrition is a crime.

1. Eliminate sugar

o Create bacteria and fungal overgrowth

o Insulin resistance is a downward slide that is caused by excess sugar consumption

o Overcome it with: coconut oil (fat craving), glutamine (protein craving), nut butter (fats & protein), tea with honey

2. Remove gluten

o Causes low level inflammation

o Wheat is not what it used to be

o Increased risk of diseases

o Processed foods have higher levels of gluten

o Look for gluten free

o Use rice & potatoes as source of starch

o Make your own deserts3. Eliminate chemicals

o Food is information

o Use natural hygiene products

o Bombardment of chemicals creates confusion in the system which can cause health problems

4. Eat more vegetables

o Provide great micronutrients

o 6 serves a day

o 3 serves should be raw

o Use vegetables instead of pasta & bread

o Add grass fed butter & herbs to make them taste good

5. Replace salt with Himalayan rock salt

o Table salt is produced from mining

o Himalayan salt isn't toxic

o 21st century salt is from dehydrated sea water and contacts chemicals

o Himalayan salt has the perfect mixture of minerals that the body requires in the blood streamo Add it to cooking

o Add it to homemade sports drink

o Good for adrenal fatigue

o Dribbling during sleep excessively

6. Replace cheap cooking oils with coconut oils

o Commercial oils are damaged by heat and become trans fats and cause oxidative stress to the body

o Coconut oils have healing properties

7. Use more healthy fatso The bodies best fuel source

o They are a base for hormone production

o Low fat diets don't work long term

o Low fat diets can cause serious health problems

8. Get rid of bad protein powders & weight gainers

o Low quality pseudo vitamins

o Packed with fillers

o Low protein quality

o Weight gain when you stop using them

o Use: raw milk, eggs, aminos, high quality powders, collagen and gelatin instead

9. Be smart with starch intake

o Rice and sweet potatoes are safe but consume in moderation

o Throw out bread and cereal and say hello to a new you

10. Eat high quality meats

o Grass fed ideal

o Grain fed likely to decrease your health

o Ocean caught small fish ideal

o Big fish should be eaten raw

11. Drink less calories

o Commercial drinks loaded with sugar

o Drink: pure water, teas, sparkling water etc

12. Eat organic as much as possible

o Nobody has pesticide deficiencies

o Eat food the way nature intended

o Find local options

o Find wholesale and local delivery

13. Be smart with dairy

o Most dairy is shit

o Find unprocessed quality dairy

o High fat dairy has low protein quality

o Grass fed cows essential

o A1 milk has a form of casein which has shown to be harmful in animal studies

o Possibly find local supply of milk/yoghurt

o Fermented dairy is better

14. Don't stress

o Perfect diet is impossible

o Don't ruin your life with this stuff

o Do your best to eat clean

o Don't eat things that will take away from your worthy ideal

o Be thankful for your food

Make a change for the better.

Let me know if you got something out of this.

Coach Tim