Why You’re Not Motivated

Ahhhh motivation, that mythical thing that makes everything easier.

Why can’t I just turn it on?

You can, the stars don’t have to align.

You need to find your deeper WHY on what it means to you to actually obtain your desired outcome.

The truth is not everyone is motivated all the time.

You still need to show up and put the work in.

People always say to me: “Im just not motivated to go to the gym”

Newsflash… very few people are.

The difference between those who get results and those that don’t is showing up.

Ill be honest with you, some days I really can’t be fucked training.

But I still do, why? Because you always feel better after a session, no matter how can’t be fucked you are.

I train 5-6 days a week and usually 1-3 of those I could be doing a million other things in its place.

But the pro’s of training outweigh the cons.

If you’re struggling for motivation ask yourself the why behind the goal.


40 year old middle aged male who is overweight

Goal: I want to lose 10kg


So women find me more attractive


Because I haven’t had a gf in 9 years


Because im lonely


Because I don’t want to be alone forever.

This is a wild example but you can see the path I’m going down here.

You can play this out with your goal, keep asking yourself why until you hit the real deep shit.

Discover your deep WHY and you’ll find your HOW.


A: Back Squat 8x3 4/4/X/1 RAMP

B: GHR 5x8

C1: Front Foot Elevated Split Squat 3x8

C2: SL DB RDL 3x8

D1: Palloff Press 3x10

D2: Hanging Knee Raises 3x10

E: Accumulate 100cals on rower