HSP MMA Series Edition 4.0: The Best S&C Program Part 1


I know right, the title is catchy


That’s why I put it on there, I wanted to get your attention


I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there is no such things as the best S&C program for MMA fighters.


What I mean by that is that, everyone is different!


You can’t use the exact same program with every fighter and expect it to work


You’re different to your training partner, you both have different: mobility restrictions, injuries, strengths, weaknesses, training ages etc.


 What I will do in this blog is tell you how I would go about getting you into the best shape of your life.




If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing


You need to have a baseline of where you’re at right now


If you don’t, how will you know if you’ve improved?


“Well I feel better”


That really doesn’t mean shit, you need to have numbers to quantify exactly where you’re at right now.


Here are is a good baseline testing protocols I would use, you could go all sports science fancy and get a whole bunch of numbers that don’t really have any real world application and waste your time.


Or you could stick to the basics, get an idea of where you’re at right NOW and program for your weaknesses.


1.     Anthropometric measurements

2.     Skins folds (tell you how fat your are)

3.     Knee to wall (ankle mobility)

4.     Pike assessment

5.     Squat assessment

6.     FMS (full body mobility)

7.     Broad Jump

8.     Vertical Jump CMJ

9.     Vertical Jump Static Hold

10. Single Leg Vertical Left & Right

11. Max chins

12. Max dips

13. Max handstand hold

14. Max plank

15. Max inverted plank

16. Max dead hang

17. 1RM: Squat, deadlift, bench press, clean & snatch (if applicable)


As I was just writing that out I realized how much goes into a testing protocol!


Anyway, after you’ve done all that you will have some solid data to program from.


First I’d look at your FMS/ mobility assessment scores as outline a daily stretching protocol


It would look something like this:


1.     3D Knee To Wall x10

2.     Weighted Knee Over Toe Pushes x20

3.     90-90 Stretch

4.     Windmills x20

5.     Scorpions x20

6.     J- Curls x10

7.     Banded Hip Flexor Release x45s

8.     Loaded Broom Stick Rotations x20

9.     Single Arm Hangs x10s


Those 9 stretches are a shotgun approach as I touched on in my last blog on mobility, if you would like to read that click here


If you had a specific issues, I would address those in there as well




Can you oly lift well?


Probably not


Ok, so we’re in for some plyos, med ball work and ballistics


That’s fine by me, on a 2x per week split that’s going to take up the A exercise.


To warrant an A exercise I would probably use a ballistic variation.


Jumps & throws I would throw in the tail end of the warm-up to excite the system but that’s just me.


You might have guessed by now that using a conjugate approach to programming. Rarely will I have enough time to program a 12-week block of hypertrophy followed by a 12-week block of strength followed by another 12-week block of power.


Let’s be honest, that’s pretty boring.


Reminds me of the old bodybuilding days and what a waste of time that was.


You could argue that a traditional model produces superior gains in a series of studies but if you’re not even training because you’re bored out of your brain you get no gains.


Keep an eye out for part 2


By Tim Frey MS.c