Is Your Flexibility Letting You Down?


Let me start by saying, I know the feeling.


Being so tight that tying your shoe laces is a battle.


Sitting crosslegged genuinely feels like you’re becoming a human pretzel.


Or that seeing people squat ass to grass gives you that “What the fuck moment” in your head.


Let me assure you that those feelings can subside over time, but only if you take action on them.


If you resonate with the top two points Im making, chances are flexibility is an issue for you.


Why improving flexibility and mobility is important for you:


  • It reduces pain and soreness
  • It improves your posture
  • It makes you feel good
  • It allows you to perform at a higher level.


It might be disappointing to hear that improving flexibility isn’t a quick fix.


Its occurred from years and possibly decades of not taking care of your body correctly.


That can be hard to hear, I know… I was in the same boat.


A few stretches once off isn’t going to do much.


For me, Yoga seems a good option because its forced stretching that you can’t escape from.


Its not like you’re going to get up 10mins and say “I’m bored Im out”.


Trust me, I’ve felt like that in numerous classes.


I solely do yoga for that reason, it forces me to stretch and I can’t get away from it.


Heres a few strategies to improve your flexibility:


  1. Commit to a min of 10min of stretching per day


The reason I only prescribe 10 mins is simple, once you’ve started something you’re more likely to keep going. If I tell you to do 90 min of stretching each day the most likely response I will get is “F*** ***”.


  1. Join a gym that has an emphasis on flexibility & mobility


Any great strength & conditioning facility will emphasise the importance of being supple, it will be built into their routine and how they operate.


All you have to do is show up.


  1. Join a yoga joint.


As I mentioned before, you’re literally forced into stretching. There. Is. No. Escape.


Stretching and keeping supple is a simple way of enhancing your performance, quality of life and decreasing your chance of injuries.


Like anything in life, it takes commitment and effort to get something out of it.


Coach Tim @masterstrength_