After your Induction with the coaching team (Testing, goal setting, shirt receiving ceremony etc). We decide the best path for you in terms of programming.

Generally we have most people start on our Athlete programming or Performance Club.

We have a short & sharp dynamic warmup followed by loaded mobility & skills.

We then coach the fundaments of an olympic lift or a regression with a goal for the session (are we practicing a regression or a main lift for the block?) After our main oly lifting component the athletes separate from the Performance club and start their separate athlete specific programming.

Our performance club will enter their strength & hypertrophy programming finishing with some conditioning.

Our main goals for each session are progressive overload from the previous week.

The body requires a stress response greater in some degree compared with the previous session, week etc.

We also run separate conditioning session at the same time as performance & athlete.

Our athlete programming is low impact, low CNS recruitment and is easier on the body.

Perfect for athletes or people getting into training and want to build strength & length through all ROM’s.

Our Performance programming is more taxing on the body and is the next progression for most people.

In a nutshell we run science based athlete, non-athlete and conditioning training programs that work.

If you have a goal for fitness, health, performance or wellness we can get you there.

We’ve coached 2137 people over the last 10 years to get the model nailed down so when are you coming in? #mastersofGPP