Fish Oil Mega Dose (My Story)



In the past 6 months I’ve been recommended this “fish oil megadose” by three separate coaches, I remember initially thinking to myself:


 “What is this madness?”

“How many tablets? No chances that’s too many”

“Surely that doesn’t work"

“What are the side effects”


The list goes on…


So after my third recommendation by a well respected coach I decided to do some research for myself and I started digging...


The only real content I found online about the fish oil mega dose were on forums where the results/dosages were discussed.


Majority of the comments had stated to take anywhere from 20-30g daily split between three meals.


I gave 20g a whirl a week and decided to up it too 30g a day from the 7 day mark.


In terms of results, from what I had read you can expect:


·      Soften skin (forearms, shins, elbows, knees)

·      Decrease in joint stiff/pain

·      Improved recovery post training (sport or resistance training)

·      Decreased inflammation around the lower abdominals & love handles


Just to clear up actually how many fish oil tablets that is, a standard fish oil capsule contains 1000mg or 1 gram. So that’s 20-30 a day for 30 days. 600-900 capsules over the month. No small feat of digestion by any means.


Initially it was tough to get that many down per day but you get used to it, I know what you’re thinking “What about the breathe? Fish burps”. To be perfectly honest I got none of that, not that it would matter anyway ;).


As I approach the end of my month I can confirm the follow:


·      Skin has softened dramatically, no rough points anywhere on my body and I haven’t even been lathering myself in moisturizer.

·      I’ve been training for football twice a week and playing once a week as well as 5 strength sessions thrown in. By any means that’s a considerable amount of volume and would give a lot of soreness. I can safely say my soreness hasn’t been as bad as expected. I’ve detrained from football over the last 5 years and have virtually picked it back up without a glitch. Yes I’ve stayed “strong” throughout that time but the “cardio component” of football has come back with ease.

·      I’ve lost fat around the mid section and love handles, yes my diet has changed but the lower stomach has always been a problem area for me that I previously struggled with even when I was at sub 10% body fat. I couldn’t 100% put the fat losses around my mid section down to fish oil but something is working.

·      My sleep quality & digestion have also improved dramatically, once again its hard to say if it was solely the fish oil but once again something’s working.


Before I started a regime I had a look at the side effects, basically they list a million and one possible side effects just like anything. I got nothing, zero, nada, but I would suggest if you’re not sure please check with your local health care practitioner.


In summary, fish oil is well documented in the literatures to have positive effects on the general population and athletes. I would highly recommend considering a mega dose for a month to see if it works for you.




·      You can get capsules that are a lot higher in DHA than the regular meaning you’ll have to take less capsules. Swallowing 15-20 a day is laborious.

·      Take capsules at three separate time points through the day, breakfast + lunch + dinner

·      For around $30 for the month its probably the best money you could spend on your health & well being.

·      I’m toning is down to 7g a day for the next month.

·      Your body gets used to any supplement so its good to cycle them.

·      Try combining it with ZMA’s and HCL.


Tim Frey