VERTICAL JUMP PERFORMANCE. ———————————————————
Using different methods to increase your vertical jump can be complicated and confusing. 
How well you produce vertical force will often be decided by a variety of different factors. There are a million ways to skin a cat, but if we are looking for some basics that can get the ball rolling, maybe take these factors into consideration permanently. ———————————————————
Heres 3 quick tips to improve your vert!

1. JUMP JUMP JUMP: Too be good at jumping, you have to jump 🤾‍♂️ jumping is a skill, so allow skill acquisition phases to take place . If jumping properly and quickly is something new for you, developing a correct movement pattern is just as important as trying to maximise power work/rest ratios. Adding a higher amount of reps and reducing sets can allow us to acquire basics of the skill quickly through repetition jumps.
2. STRENGTH IS KING: Biased I know! Different athletes will respond differently to training stimulus. However, if you want to increase your vertical and you don’t specifically train strength, maybe start!! Usually common knowledge these days, but increasing your strength will not only help increase the rate at which you produce force, it can also assist in increasing the elastic potential of your muscles and tendons. 
3. BOO! Aim to move like someone just scared you. Develop the skill that allows you to perform plyometrics and powerful movements like a reflex. Its not easy, but one of the worst things you can do to develop your explosiveness, is to just go through the motions of your specific exercises. Develop your technique obviously, but get the CNS firing !!

Coach @harrisonmcbriar