To summarise my 3 weeks, its been great.

I feel the best I’ve ever felt.

No brain fog.

No digestive issues.

My bowel movements have been good.

My skin looks the best its ever looked.

I’ve lost fat.

I feel strong.

Its pretty fucking weird to be honest, I never expected it.

Eating only meat, just meat and nothing else for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

ZERO cheats besides experiments.

I love experimenting with things to see if they work.

Generally people try Carnivore for 2 reason.

1. They want an elimination type diet to see what reactions they have to certain food groups

2. To look better

I got both.

I’ve experimented 2 times over the 3 weeks with foods that aren’t carnivore.

For my Birthday I tried to drink a beer.

A quarter way through the beer I had massive stomach pains and then exploded in the loo.

Not good.

The other time was yesterday, I ate 2x chocolate muffins.

I woke up at 2am this morning with stomach pains, restlessness and anxiety.

Once again I coated the toilet and waited it out.

Obviously they don’t sit well with me.

There could be a few explanations of this, im not an idiot so I won’t put it down to just not sitting well with me.

Over the next few weeks ill be experimenting with more foods to see what my body works well with and doesn’t.

Ill be re-introducing carbs via rice next, I’ve got a feeling ill be ok with it.

I’ve copped ALOT of shit (mind the pun) over the last 3 weeks online, people can be quite ignorant with their own beliefs.

I understand scientifically it doesn’t make sense, I understand from a nutrition POV it doesn’t make sense, I understand from a sustainability POV is doesn’t make sense, I understand it goes against everything you’ve ever been taught about nutrition.

But its had a positive effect on me.

Im a skeptic, im never going to go with the masses.

I question everything, I try everything (besides gay sex and needles)

This was never going to be forever and it won’t be.

But for now, as an elimination I can safely say it works.