The Best Strength & Conditioning Instagram Accounts

I’ve has a few rants about #fitpo accounts and all the others that post selfies, ab shots and try to sell BS supplements.

How do I rate if an account is any good?

Content: Is king, they need to be posting consistently and good content and by good content I mean educational (not bro science)!

Selling: They’re not trying to sell you something with every post.

Personality: Nobody likes boring posts on social media.

Interaction: Does the page interact with its followers?

List in no particular order:

1.     Defranco’s Gym @defrancosgym

2.     Juggernaut Training Systems @juggernatutraining

3.     Woodford Sports Science Consulting @woodfordssc

4.     Progressive Calisthenictics @progressive_calisthentics

5.     Bret Contreras @bret_contreras1

6.     John Garrish @athlete_development

7.     Helix Sports Performance @helixsp

Enjoy! & never stop learning!

Tim Frey MS.c