5 Things To Do Everyday To Become A Better Athlete

1.      Stretch, roll, release

A daily mobility, stretching and release routine is essential. If something is important to you, you will do it daily!

Key areas of mobilizing are: ankles, hips & t-spine.

We have a daily mobility routine that rotates monthly. Athletes CANNOT start a session until they’ve finished their stretch, roll & release work.

Our current daily mobility routine consists of:

1.      Stripper squat hold x60s

2.     Single leg stripper squat hold x30s each side

3.     Jefferson curl x10

4.     Hip flexor & Ham stretch x60s each side

5.     Couch Stretch x60s each side

6.     Knee to wall x30 each side

7.      Shoulder dislocations x20

8.     Dragon Ball Z stretch x10

9.     Facedown Hangs x30s

10.   Overhand bar hangs x30s

Then we would go into a session specific routine.

Preparation is key to performance and flexibility/mobility is an important aspect of that.

2.     "Activate" the glutes & upper back

Anyone that has trained at HSP knows how much we love glute work, I am proud of every glute I’ve trained. The glutes are a powerhouse muscle and are partly responsible for performance in: sprinting, jumping and change of direction.


Simply put the upper back is a neglected area for a lot for athletes I see. Weak: rhomboids, traps and posterior shoulder girdle are usually lacking behind the anterior of the upper body. We like to supplement this lack of development with daily upper body post chain exercises to bring up the lagging areas.

Some exercises are:

Band pull apart variations

Off the knee rotations

Scap pushups

Scap pullups

Facepulls + rotation

Incline Rear delt flys

Cuban Press

3.     Eat real food, don’t diet

Goes without saying, diets don’t work.

The only way to drop body fat and keep it off its by modifying your lifestyle in nutritional sense. Yes you can drop fat but can you keep it off?

Your habits need to change as well as your food choices.

Be accountable, go get a body scan to find out exactly where you are right now in regard to bodyfat %.

Plan our how you’re going to achieve your goal.

4.     Follow a structured program

I can tell you from personal experience, if you’re just rocking up to the gym and doing whatever you feel like you’re not getting anywhere long term. Yes short term you might make some quick wins but it wont work long term. The chaos theory works for a while but then your body will adapt, then what? Stop wasting your time.

5.     Sleep a minimum of 8 hours

We all know the importance of sleep; athletes need it more than anyone else. Sleep has a MASSIVE impact on recovery and well-being. If you’re pushing yourself in a training sense you need to recover adequately mentally and physically.

If you would like to know how we can set you up a structured program for you check out: www.helixsp.com/ourprograms