Ban the pad

I only bought them for hip thrusts because lets be honest, not using a pad for hip thrusts is pretty hardcore. 

Then I catch some of my guys using them for squats, this instantly brings a reaction out of me and they know it. 

I wanted to dive into why fanny pads are no good for squats:

1.     They prevent you from using correct technique, they make the bar thicker hence moving it upward and cause excess forward lean= more lower back stress

2.     When you load it up the compression is so great it becomes useless

3.     It makes me cringe 


1.     Place the bar in the right position, it shouldn’t be on your neck or spine. It should be on your upper back.

2.     Prep the lift with the correct upper back position: Squeeze shoulder blades back & down + chest up

3.     Patiently wait for you upper back to develop, over time you nerve endings will de-sensitize and it wont be so painful.

 In the end, squatting without a pad over time will make it more comfortable. If at the first sign of discomfort you jump for the pad…. Forever be a BETA

Coach Tim