The Best Gyms To Train At In Canggu, Bali.

I had a text yesterday from a friend who said after seeing my various gym pictures on social media: “Are you on a lifting holiday?”

I didn’t think I was but now I actually think about it, yes I was.





Eating heaps.

It was a pretty good week.

I knew nothing about where I was going to train; I’d heard a few names being thrown around by friends and acquaintances so I thought I would check them all out.

Before you starting going on that I’m a cross fitter now, I’m not I just use their gyms because its similar to Helix.

I roll up to my hotel and BAM out the front was Bali Fit, which leads us to our first review.

Below are the three gyms I tried in order (I wish I did it in a different order, but then we wouldn’t have this blog).

Rating: (1 being poor, 5 being amazing)

Bali Fit

Hanging out in Bali Fit

Hanging out in Bali Fit

Equipment 2/5

·      It was more of a kettle bell kind of functional place, didn’t really suit my training style. They had one barbell and it was a 5 foot one at that, the plates were shitty.

Vibe 2/5

·      Cool setup, no music when I got there nothing going on so it was a bit stale.

Location 5/5

·      Obviously across the road from my hotel was a win.

Stray Dogs 3/5

·      There was a couple on the lurk but none tried to attack me… just yet.

Staff 1/5

·      I didn’t see any trainers; the other staff were at the café next door sippin' lattes.

Cleanliness 4/5

·      I’ve gotta say this place was pretty clean, I swear they had a full time cleaner. You produce one drop of sweat and BAM someone will come in and wipe it up.

Cost 4/5

·      Cheap as chips, think it was a tenner.

Other Gym Users 3/5

·      I trained there twice and I met a cool bloke one day and another outstanding lady the other. Good chats, decent banter.

Stereo 1/5

·      They had a dock that you could plug into, I did and cranked it. They told me off for it being too loud, a big stereo is a non-negotiable for me in a gym.

Overall 2/5

·      Depends what you’re into; I wouldn’t go there again. Even though the other places are double the price it just isn’t worth it.

S2S CrossFit

Rice fields & snatches.

Rice fields & snatches.

Equipment 3/5

·      They had barbells, a bench, bumpers, rusty squat stands etc. It was what I needed so I can hardly complain. Miles better than Bali Fit.

Vibe 3/5

·      Having better equipment made it feel more homely for me, I’m used to training with every piece of equipment I can think of.

Location 4/5

·      To get here you need to ride through various rice fields, the ride is beautiful so you roll up with a smile on your dial.

Stray Dogs 3/5

·      A few outside, once again I didn’t get rabies.

Staff 2/5

·      No trainers present or training, front desk were nice and made me a great smoothie after.

Cleanliness 2/5

·      This place was the dirtiest out of all three, heaps of dirt and dust everywhere. I know its Indo but personally I take pride in the fact I could eat off the floor in my gym and not get sick. Well, not that sick.

Cost 1/5

·      Pricey for what you pay for, I think it was $20 a session.

Other Gym Users 5/5

·      Met a great bloke in there who took a good photo of me in the rice fields. Very decent, I retract the previous statement about not being worth it as simply the photo was a winner.

Stereo 2/5

·      Same stereo as Bali Fit but they had no complaints to me cranking Alison Wonderland for a few hours.

Overall 3/5

·      Pretty good overall, I have no idea what the building was before it was a gym. Weird shaped building and super small, It would have been around 50sqm.

CrossFit Wunderlust

Having a squat in Wunderlust. White cons because i didn't bring any other shoes, rookie error.

Having a squat in Wunderlust. White cons because i didn't bring any other shoes, rookie error.

Equipment 4/5

·      They had heaps of equipment, more bars than you can imagine and the gym was around 15x the size of S2S. They had at least 10 bikes, ropes and everything you would need for a good session.

Vibe 4/5

·      Lots of different people training, different styles and that was nice and refreshing.

Location 4/5

·      Easy to get there! Right up a main road on a scooter, parking was good and you didn’t feel like you’re going to get hit when rolling up or leaving in a sweaty babbling mess.

Stray Dogs 2/5

·      One came in and a staff member ran at him, he bolted…

Staff 4/5

·      Nice staff, some of their trainers were having a lift and banter while I was in there. Good to see in a gym, says alot about what they do.

Cleanliness 3/5

·      The size of this thing would be hard to keep clean but there was a guy with a mop and bucket the whole time I was lifting.

Cost 1/5

·      Pricey for Bali @ $20 a hit.

Other Gym Users 5/5

·      Good banter with a few other people training, interesting meeting people from around the world. Not necessarily cross fitters either.

Stereo 4/5

·      They had one massive speaker, which was so loud you could hear it from the street. I love a loud stereo so this was key.

Overall 4.5/5

·      Easily the best of the three I went to, hands down wouldn’t train anywhere else… in Bali. Value= relationship + result + experience. Wunderlust delivered on all three in my session therefore it justifies itself


The main studio at the Practice in Canggu, best yoga study i have been.

The main studio at the Practice in Canggu, best yoga study i have been.

I committed to the same place for my entire trip and that was “The Practice” in Canggu. It was beautiful, they had two yoga spaces and both were ridiculously stunning. I got found out in these classes as most of the people there were full time yogi’s. I am not a fulltime yogi more a part time stretchy.

 Would recommend 5/5


I had the panel beater at Therapy...a couple of the same day

I had the panel beater at Therapy...a couple of the same day

My first massage experience in Bali was a bit weird, well back in Bali for the 10th+ time I’d been there (don’t hate). I’d just been to the beach and I was just wearing boardies, they asked me to strip into my underwear… funny thing was I wasn’t wearing any. So I told the masseuse and she handed me what would resemble a human nappy, the piece of female underwear was fish net and you could see everything. The problem was she gave me a pair that was designed for a child, I put it on and basically the whole thing tore right open. After that it was more of a fish net cloth covering my junk. Anyway, moral of the story is to wear underwear to a massage in Bali. Unless…

On my second last day I found a place called “Therapy” in Canggu, it was by far the best massage I’ve had in Bali to date. It was 2.5x the price of a normal massage so you would expect that but boy did they deliver. The bed was comfortable, the hole for your face didn’t peel your skin back with rough wood, there wasn’t all of a sudden 4 hands on your asking if you wanted double or nothing and there wasn’t weird noises coming from other massage tables in the next cubicle over. The. Freaking. Dream.


Wasn't a massive fan but they looked good.

Wasn't a massive fan but they looked good.

I’d heard a lot about Nalu Bowls for their healthy bowls, to be honest I didn’t love it. Yeah, they looked good but there was just so much going on in that tiny bowl. I had the “Mavericks” bowl and I felt sick after. It was so dense; I would prefer a smashed Avo from a smaller café up the road.

You can’t beat a smashed Avo.

You really can’t.

I had two bad meals, the first was at my hotel and that was breakfast on day one. Lets just say I steered clear of the dining hall after that. The second was at the restaurant across the street, I should have known it was horrific at the fact there was nobody in there. I had a “Surf n Turf” and I feel they hacked a small piece of beef from a cow and threw it on my plate it was disgusting. From 21 meals I only had 2 bad ones which is a good ratio.

Getting on the sauce

This was my first Bali trip I haven’t been belligerently drunk the entire time, which was nice. I went out a couple of times but mainly I was at Old Man’s in Canggu, it was a chilled bar that got wild later in the night. Its fairly cheap which was surprising. Happy hour will get you 6 out of 10 times, every time.

Where the sauce happened

Where the sauce happened


Canggu is good for a health conscious person; they have everything you need to sustain a healthy lifestyle while on holiday. Even if you don’t want to be healthy, Canggu will be there for you in that situation.

I would strongly recommend it.

Coach Tim