1. Get Strong

Strength is the king of all physical traits, without it you’re a bag of bones.

Without strength, you can’t be fast, agile and powerful.

2. Get Into Olympic Lifting (Triple Extension)

Every real deal S&C coach has a soft spot for the triple extension, extend your ankles, knees, and hips to produce the holy grail triple extension.

The best way to overload triple extension and increase power output is with Olympic lifting & its variations.

Not the weird shitty technique style either, spend some time getting the proper technique and then load it up progressively.

3. Get Lean

The more non-functional (fat mass) you have the harder it will be to produce force, force & strength are king in sports.

Put down the beers, substitute it for another steak and lets cut the fat.

4. Recovery & Mobilise As Hard As You Train With Weights

A common error I see in athletes is not spending enough time stretching, recovering and sleeping.

This is where the gains are made.

Training is the stress and your adaptation occurs when you rest.

Rest up, bro.

5. Don’t Buy Into Fluff Training Methods

Jumping around with TRX’s, fancy wall sprint drills, Bosu ball shit, throwing 3x exercises together in one sequence.

All that fancy nonsense you see on Instagram isn’t going to have a drastic effect on your performance.

What will have a drastic effect is doing the basics over and over?

Lastly, athletes get yourself on a good athlete-specific program that works.

Doing nothing or doing more skill work in your sport might not be the best spend of your time this off-season.

Your over-enthusiastic coach will probably hammer you in pre-season with skills, beach running, pump classes, spin classes and other training methods that aren’t conducive to performance.

Beware it's wild out there

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