Athletes: 9 Tips To Improve Your Sports Performance

Obtaining elite levels of sports performance are dictated by your skill in your sport.

BUT you can improve your physical performance, you’re in control of that.

If you’re lacking in strength, speed, power etc you can make some changes.

Heres the list:

1. Drop non-functional mass (fat)

2. Follow a structured and progressive strength & conditioning program all year round

3. Focus just as hard on your recovery as you do your training

4. Get a coach for your physical development and your skill development

5. Monitor your training loads and don’t get suckered into too much volume during season

6. Follow a structured dynamic warm-up protocol focusing on ankle, hip, shoulder mobilisation + activation exercises

7. Don’t take advice from too many sources #confusion

8. Practice daily gratitude, affirmations and positive self talk about your performance

9. Train at Helix Gym/Athletic


Power Player

A: Broad Jump 3x3

B: Bounding 3x20m

C1: Trap Bar 3x2

C2: Depth Jump 3x2

D: RDL 3x5

E: Front Foot Elevated Split Squat 3x8

F: Palloff Press 3x10