Have you ever thought that conditioning training you see in the fitness industry is pointless?

Literally just throwing shit at the wall and hoping it sticks.

Throwing random exercises together with no real outcome or purpose besides giving the client a sense of intensity?

I have many times.

We’ve designed our conditioning sessions to improve the bodies energy systems.

The body has 3 main energy systems and they are: anaerobic (short duration), glycolitic/lactate (medium duration) and oxidative (long duration)

Each energy system responds differently to training demands and therefore is improved by varying of modalities, duration and intensities etc.

There’s efficient and effective ways to train each energy system.

Please note that all 3 energy systems “START” at the same time but drop out at various intervals.

Is your conditioning just taking up space in your training or is it actually improving your performance?

Conditioning is a part of overall health and performance, neglecting it is a bad choice for anyone athlete or non athlete.

On Mondays we SPRINT with a session primarily designed at using the anaerobic energy system.

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