If you got to the result you always wanted, then do you think you could actually keep it?
So much of the process of improving performance, health, fitness and body-composition changes are about mastering that level in your life.

What if you did 6-week challenge and then put the weight back on/went backwards?

Well you haven’t passed that level in your life or it wasn’t sustainable.

How about coming up with the same BS limiting beliefs mentally over and over?

Yep, still haven’t passed that level.

With body comp changes its about mastering your lifestyle and making it work.

Do you want results?

Something has to change and stay that way.

For me it was always struggling to make strength gains.

The problem I was jumping around training programs like a kangaroo in a hunt.

Shit was rapid.

Now I complete 10-12 week training cycles with 90% compliance rates and have become the strongest I ever have.

That was me 2 years ago.

So is the problem:

- Your coach?
- Your program?
- Your lifestyle?

Post your thoughts in the comments below.