The time of the quick fix.

The time of the Ill do anything to look good.

The time of the ill take anything to look good.

The time of ill try anything to look good.


A marketer’s heaven is upon us.


On a daily basis I feel as though a new supplement: company, brand, product or store is popping up.


It’s hard to determine what’s actually good and beneficial, the consumers are consistently being bombarded with marketing and nonsense.


I love hearing stories of people telling me “what stack “they’re on and how good it is. Yes some of those products may actually do something so minimal but the biggest thing that’s happening is the hole in your wallet.


What will be the repercussions of supplement overuse in the long run?


What’s in these supplements?


Personally I’ve probably tried most things in the market in my younger years from pre-workouts to test boosters the whole shabang.


Do they work? Its debatable but when you get to the main response of taking these supplements, for me its a psychological one. Yes a psychological response, you mix up your pre-workout and you feel like the hulk that can lift just that little bit extra. In terms of physiological response the evidence is lacking, any scholarary review will tell you that.


Although you may hear “boost your strength by 1765%”


And don’t worry about the science, it works…


Then we get into the MLM supplements… Isa, Herba, Juice +.. Well let’s not go there…today.


Then there’s the not so legal supplementation but once again that’s another issue in itself.


Now to the four I actually recommend.


·      Good

·      Economical

·      Scientifically proven

·      Not sold through some person who make you sign up for a re-order every month


1.      Whey protein


·      Good old whey protein, yes its been around for ages

·      The benefits have been proven time and time again, protein ingestion post workout can increase muscle protein syntheses & recovery.

·      Tip: Combine with a carb source to combat cortisol build up (prevents muscle protein syntheses)


2.     Creatine


·      Countless studies in the 90’s on the effects of creatine supplementation draw conclusive positive results.

·      Loading creatine can increase the size of the storage vessel for ATP

·      Creatine is converted into ATP-PC (Phospho-Creatine)

·      ATP is a chemical energy

·      In layman’s terms this gives your muscle more energy

·      Tip: Optimal creatine loading is 0.33g x BW (Bodyweight) per day for the loading phase (Example: 0.33x100kg=33g)

·      Divide 33g by four ingestion points per day (Breakfast, pre-workout, post-workout and dinner) = 8.25g per time.

·      Loading phase duration: 2 weeks

·      Loading times: four per day


·      Maintenance Phase: (0.03gxBW) phase (Example: 0.03x100kg=3.3g)

·      Maintenance phase duration: 4 weeks

·      Loading times: four per day


Worked Example (See Below)



3.     Fish oil


I like fish oil as a natural alternative to anti inflammatory (NSAIDS), although they do have many other benefits.


·      Reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

·      Prevent heart disease

·      Reduce inflammation & many more


4.     Magnesium


One of seven essential macro minerals to the body, which can be depleted quickly if you don’t have the healthiest lifestyle.


·      Improve sleep (essential, you know it)

·      Important to 300 enzymatic reaction within the body

·      Improves muscle relaxation and recovery

·      Improves bone health


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