3 Things I know For Sure About Getting Strong


  1. Consistency Is King


5 weeks ago we launched our Strength & Mass program at HSP and to be honest, the results have blown me away.


Its nothing magical, its nothing special but its consistent.


Our members come in, they know what needs to be done, they hit their numbers and repeat for their next session.


Most are hitting lifetime PB’s in every area.


You need to give your body the ability to adapt to a stimulus, this is where being consistent with your training is key.


Don’t make excuses, show up even when you’re not feeling it.


Get in and get it done. This is how you get results.


  1. Stick To The Program


Shiny object syndrome, I’ve had it. The “best program” is the one you’re not on.


I’ve heard that so many times, and I hear it from my members all the time.


“Can we do this…. Can we do that?”


No we’re gonna finish what we started and then we can devise a new course of action.


You need to give yourself the best chance to adapt to your current training program.


How many times have you cut a program short and jumped to the next without finishing one?


Loads…. Its no wonder you’re not getting the results you want. 


  1. Stick To The Basics


In the age of social media, I’m constantly getting tagged in flashy shit on social.


Some of it is good.


Some of it is baloney… Well most of it.


Nothing new has been invented in the strength field for 40+ years… besides velocity training but even thats not quite accurate yet.


For athlete development: squatting, hinging, pulling, pushing, dragging, snatching, cleaning, throwing and jumping are the best place to start.


Going through an elaborate plyometric routine when you don’t even have the strength to get out of bed in the morning is not going to help you. 


General Prep Phase (GPP) is 2 years, that means doing general strength training for 2 years.


Specific Prep Phase is after that 2 years, once you’re at that level things need to get a bit more advanced.


The amount of people I’ve chatted too who think they need this elaborate fancy program because they think they’re ready…


Hate to break it to those people, you’re not ready. 


Coach Tim