4 Exercises To Improve Your Terrible Posture

A high number of people that come to me have postural issues that are enhanced by poor exercise selection/programming or no training at all.

The upper body iron cross (UBIC) is an issue that’s very common among general trainers and athletes alike. It can be describes as an individual having weak: lower trapezius, rhomboids and rear deltoids compiled with an overactive/tight pectorals.

 When I would question these individuals about their training past they would indicate a whole lot of pushing movements and minimal pulling has occurred.

Compile that with little to no work on mobility and you’ve got a strong case for upper body iron cross.

Exercise 1: Band Pull Apart (BPA)

Everyone that steps foot into my training center is repping out band pull aparts until the sun goes down for good reason. They are a great exercise for the upper back and help to “activate” all the problem areas highlight with upper body iron cross. Be sure to keep the hands in a prone position as I see many individuals reverting to a motorbike grip when it gets hard.

Exercise 2: Dumbbell Off The Knee Rotation (OTKR)

A great exercise for “activation” of the rotator cuff musculature, the knee component adds stability to a very unstable exercise if done incorrectly.


Exercise 3: Wall Angels (WA)

Another great “resistance free” exercise for “activation” of the shoulders, rotator cuff and surrounding musculature.

Exercise 4: The Cuban Press (CP)

The CP contains four movements that are: shrug (scapular elevation), high pull, external rotation and press. They provide the glenohumoral joint with a range of varying stimulus; some movements may be weaker from individual to individual.

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Tim Frey MS.c

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