The power clean (PC) and power snatch (PS) are two exercises with huge power generating potential which is fundamental for successful sporting performance (Power= Force x Distance/Time). These movements require high strength, skill, speed and when developed to their full potential the power clean/power snatch can improve: maximal jump height, rate of force development, speed, power and strength.

All of which are indicators of successful performance characteristics found in champion athletes among various sports.

It would seem obvious that in Australia these lifts are taught and coached to our athlete’s right? Wrong, many s&c coaches around the country say they’re to hard and athletes can’t do them.

With adequate coaching and step-by-step progression planning most athletes have the potential to master these lifts.

Are these lifts the be all and end all of strength & conditioning?

Should every athlete be "o" lifting?

What are your thoughts?

Tim Frey MS.c