Power Development: Olympic Lifting Vs. Vertical Jump Training. Which is Superior (Study Summary)?


30 Male Athletes


·      12x Olympic Lifting

·      12x Vertical Jump Training

·      8x Control


8 Weeks of Training


Olympic Weightlifting Protocol


·      3x6RM High Pull

·      4x4RM Power Clean

·      3x4RM Clean & Jerk

·      4x6RM Half Squat


Vertical Jump Training


·      6x4 Double Leg Hurdle Hops

·      4x4 40cm Drop Jumps

·      4x6RM Half Squat


****Training Volume was increased after 4 weeks****


Pre/Post : Squat 1RM, Countermovement Jump (CMJ), Sprint and Agility were tested.




·      Olympic Lifting group Increased CMJ to a great extent than the Vertical Jump group.

·      Vertical Jump Group marginally Improved 1RM Squat to a great extent than the Olympic lifting group.

·      Olympic Lifting group increased squat jump to a great extent than Vertical Jump Training group.




·      As a whole both training protocols produced superior results than the control group, although the Olympic weightlifting training produced broader athletic performance improvements than the Vertical Jump Group.


Oly lifting wins again. And again, and again.


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