Did you know? 

There are many factors other than a direct blow which increases the risk of injury, some of the psychological and physiological factors include : poor reaction time, muscular weakness, life stress, poor coping skills, anxiety and changed environments.

The most prevalent of all of the mentioned risks of injury is lack of strength/weakness. Research studies andexperience suggests that Australian athletes when compared with international counterparts are weak. Weakness is the prime cause of injuries during competitive play/training and desperately needs to be addressed immediately in this country.

Why is this? There is too much of an emphasis in Australia on the conditioning aspect of training and not nearly enough of on strength. Strength is the prime foundational ability for: speed, power and agility as-well as an injury preventer. So why is it neglected so badly? Under education and not using evidence based practice with our athletes. You would be surprised how many athletes cannot perform multi joint exercises such as: barbell squat, barbell deadlift and barbell bench press to name a few and then wonder why they're getting injured.

There has been vast quantities of data collected from various sports globally and the findings are evident that strength is the most important physiological trait of sports and athletic performance.


Tim Frey
Head S&C Coach