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In the game of improving sports/athletic performance we are all about improve functional muscle mass. Yes, at the right time get around it.


This is a big question I get asked regularly, in terms of its efficiency of enhancing muscle hypertrophy (muscle gain) yes it’s a good thing. In terms of when to possibly incorporate this into a performance enhancing training protocol, I would strongly suggest incorporating it into the off-season.


In season GVT will cause substantial neural fatigue, which has a negative effect on rate of force development. This results in power and speed decrements which are two essential performance characteristics that if decreased can have a large negative affect on athletic performance.


General GVT protocols consist of 10x10 of a compound exercise; generally 75-90 second rest intervals are used with the load selected commonly varying depending on a individual’s opinion.  Be wary of the loads selected due to the “bodybuilding” anecdotal evidence put forward by various bro scientists around which generally have no scientific backing. Evidence based practice would suggest that targeting type two muscle fiber hypertrophy loads of 75% 1RM and above should be selected at all times. Anything below this % will cause hypertrophy of type 1 fibers, which have no positive athletic/sporting transferability. Ever wonder why you see that massive guy in the gym who can hardly lift a heavy weight to save his lift? Yep that’s why.


Key Points


·      Periodized GVT programming can be highly effective for hypertrophy.

·      In season athletes avoid GVT due to its negative effects on power/speed/strength.

·      Loads <75% 1RM Should be used at all time.

·      Remember with increased load adequate rest periods need to be employed but also remembering the goal of hypertrophy, for example we’re not resting for 5 minutes like we would on a strength workout.

·      PCr resynthesize rates are important to sustaining 10 sets of 10 reps, know the rates and time your recovery adequately (Fuel source of the ATP-PC energy system- Required for high intensity bouts of exercise).


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