Why should you perform a general warm-up?  Sometimes I can’t believe this really gets argued if its necessary or not, I’ve heard it all. You don’t need to warm-up, you do need to warm up but the facts are really undeniable, I don’t believe ever...ything I read in terms of warm-ups but the basis of the FOR arguments consist of:  • Increase rate & strength of muscle contractions • Increase muscle coordination • Increase metabolic rate • Increase neuromuscular efficiency • Increase work capacity • Increase cardio and respiratory efficiency (O2 delivery etc.) • Injury reduction • Psychological benefits  So why is the issue still so highly debated among coaches? Most of the arguments I’ve heard consist around the fact that we are “animals” and that lions/tigers don’t want warm-up prior to killing prey. Last time I check I’m not a lion and I’m not hunting something. See More