Is The Overhand Grip Dumbbell Shoulder Press Hurting Your Shoulder?

Its a common problem when individuals shoulder press that they can feel some pain when going through the range of motion, personally since i've cut these out of my own program. The problem has arisen since i suffered from "iron cross syndrome" where my shoulders rotate forward placing my humerus in a vulnerable position when going through pressing movements. The iron cross is generally caused by weak rear delts/lower traps & tight pectorals. Simply cutting out pressing movements for a period until i sort out my weaknesses is not an option for myself, therefore ive switches up to neutral grip presses. The grip is giving me less contraction of my shoulders are more triceps work i'm still getting the effect perhaps to a lesser degree. Where has this "iron cross" come from? Way back when i got stuck in the yeah fuark bodybuilding phase a few years back bench pressing till the sun goes down and bicep curling, as the bro science guy would say on his youtube channel "every day is a chest day". Moral of the story, learn from your mistakes, train smart. Benching isn't the be all and end all.

Video: Neutral Grip Shoulder Press