13 Rules For Training To Live By.

Here’s a compilation of the some things I’ve: heard, practiced and been taught over the years.

Simple, effective and bang on.

1. Power first, never last.

2. Multi-joint next.

3. 10 reps is cardio.

·      Hypertrophy bant.

4. Don’t make excuses for your clients/athletes poor technique.

·      If somebody walks into your weight room, you’re automatically judged by what they’re doing and how they're doing it.

5. Squatting parallel is standard that needs to be adhered to.

·      “Oh but Tim, quarter squats carry over to.. bla bla” Heard it all before.

6. Form over function.

·      There’s no point loading up bad movement patterns.

7. Beware of the guru’s and fads.

·      Functional patterns.

8. Record boards reward genetics not effort.

9. Preparation is key.

·      Preparation prevents piss poor performance

10. Pair exercises except for Olympic lifting.

·      How efficient is it to wait 2-3 minutes between sets for every single exercise? 6 exercises, 4 sets each (6 exercises x4 sets x3 min rest per set = 72min of rest per workout)

11. Hypertrophy always has a time under tension focus.

12. Bang for your buck, isolation has its place but shouldn’t form the bulk of a program.

13.Practice what you preach but don’t put all your faith in the shredded guru. Education + experience + results = A good coach.

Tim Frey MS.c