10 reasons why every women should be strength training

 “If you keep doing what you always do, you always get what you always got”

 For anybody that’s been coached by me, I say this a lot. I mean ALOT.

 You see it day in, day out, well at least I do.

 People at your local commercial gym just dazing away, walking on a treadmill, riding the spin bike, reading a book.

 Let ‘s be real, that isn’t training.

 I’m not trying to say it’s a higher proportion of women or anything.

 On another note, the amount of times I’ve had people tell me:

 “I don’t usually sweat when I train”

 Well sir you’re doing it wrong.

 What is strength training?

·      Physical exercise using resistance to induce muscular contraction

 Lets run through some common “excuses” as I called it, or reasons could be another word for not strength training and being a cardio bunny.

 1. I don’t want to be sore.

2. I don’t have time.

3. I don’t know what I’m doing.

4. It’s not working.

5. I like cardio


 1.      Really?

2.    Don’t have time for your own health & well-being? You would get a whole lot more about lifting with a structured specific program for 30 minutes opposed to walking on a treadmill. (Not bodybuilding.com)

3.    Get help from someone who does (The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results)

4.    You’re not doing it right, there’s another component.. It’s called nutrition.

5.    Each to their own.

 Now to the meat of the blog

 1.      Decrease fat mass.

2.    Boost metabolism.

3.    Build strong bones (increase bone mineral density).

4.    Decrease injuries & risk.

5.    Build strength.

6.    Boost confidence & self-esteem.

7.     Improve fitness.

8.    Increase libido (reoooowwww).

9.    Improve quality of sleep.

10.  Improve mobility & balance.

Every point I’ve mentioned has been strongly correlated with strength training in peer-reviewed literature for a very long time. But why is there still a high proportion of “gym-goers” not interested in strength training? I don’t have that answer for you, but times are changing.

 People are scared of what they don’t know.

 Education is key.

 Knowledge is power.

 Got something to add?


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