Blog: Recovery Game Strong!


Blog: Recovery Game Strong!

On fortnightly Sundays we invite members to enhance their recovery game.

We combine sauna, ice bath and Wim Hof breathing in a 2-hour session.

We went for MAX EFFORT’s in the ice and added 10 bags of ice every round for increased chill.

Plenty of gyms preach movement, mindset and wellness but how many actually practice it?

Fitness is more than just smashing yourself in the gym, its about learning how to recover the body.

To be honest only a small % of members are actually game enough to commit to these sessions but the ones that do get huge benefits.

Whens the last time you gave back to your body?

The harder you smash yourself the harder you need to recover.


Blog: I’ve been carnivore (eating only meat) for 3 weeks and here's what happened.


Blog: I’ve been carnivore (eating only meat) for 3 weeks and here's what happened.

To summarise my 3 weeks, its been great.

I feel the best I’ve ever felt.

No brain fog.

No digestive issues.

My bowel movements have been good.

My skin looks the best its ever looked.

I’ve lost fat.

I feel strong.

Its pretty fucking weird to be honest, I never expected it.

Eating only meat, just meat and nothing else for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

ZERO cheats besides experiments.

I love experimenting with things to see if they work.

Generally people try Carnivore for 2 reason.

1. They want an elimination type diet to see what reactions they have to certain food groups

2. To look better

I got both.

I’ve experimented 2 times over the 3 weeks with foods that aren’t carnivore.

For my Birthday I tried to drink a beer.

A quarter way through the beer I had massive stomach pains and then exploded in the loo.

Not good.

The other time was yesterday, I ate 2x chocolate muffins.

I woke up at 2am this morning with stomach pains, restlessness and anxiety.

Once again I coated the toilet and waited it out.

Obviously they don’t sit well with me.

There could be a few explanations of this, im not an idiot so I won’t put it down to just not sitting well with me.

Over the next few weeks ill be experimenting with more foods to see what my body works well with and doesn’t.

Ill be re-introducing carbs via rice next, I’ve got a feeling ill be ok with it.

I’ve copped ALOT of shit (mind the pun) over the last 3 weeks online, people can be quite ignorant with their own beliefs.

I understand scientifically it doesn’t make sense, I understand from a nutrition POV it doesn’t make sense, I understand from a sustainability POV is doesn’t make sense, I understand it goes against everything you’ve ever been taught about nutrition.

But its had a positive effect on me.

Im a skeptic, im never going to go with the masses.

I question everything, I try everything (besides gay sex and needles)

This was never going to be forever and it won’t be.

But for now, as an elimination I can safely say it works.


Blog: The Nandos Of The Fitness Industry


Blog: The Nandos Of The Fitness Industry

The Nandos Of The Fitness Industry

When I think of Nandos I think of amazing taste, better quality, slight more investment, better service and generally a better experience.

Helix has its parallels with Nandos, but not in the food sense.

Compared to your shitty lack of results options in the fitness industry we are:

Higher quality

Better experience

Bigger investment

Better results/taste

Nandos isn’t for everyone, Helix isn’t for everyone.

If I ever dip into fast food its going to be Nandos.

If I ever dip into fitness its going to be in a high quality boutique establishment.

After all, you get what you pay for.



Blog: Here’s what I learnt after meeting with 37 members this week & getting results.


Blog: Here’s what I learnt after meeting with 37 members this week & getting results.

Blog: Here’s what I learnt after meeting with 37 members this week & getting results.

Holding 100+ members accountable is a challenge.

A big challenge, but I do love it.

My job is to get people results.

Generally everyone wants to:

1. Look better

2. Feel better

3. Move better

4. Win something

Great goals to have, but how do you accomplish that?

Generally by following a few key principals.

1. Train a min 3-4x per week with weights

2. Track your nutrition via an app

3. Walk 10k steps per day min (movement is key)

4. Consume 1L of water per 20kg of bodyweight (more if you’re training)

5. Clear the bullshit limiting beliefs in your head.

6. Cut booze

Generally if you’re doing this and not eating like an idiot you will get results.

What are general results if this is done?

Realistically drop 0.3-0.8% body-fat per week and gaining 0.1-0.6kg of lean muscle mass per week is do-able depending on training history.

Bear in mind those are sustainable figures, you could get quicker results but will they last?

I make this sound simple because i want you to do it, its as hard as you make it.



All In: Community Training Session


All In: Community Training Session

All In: Community Training Session

Friday 10th May

5.30pm @ Helix Gym, Wangara

We’re excited to be bringing you another ALL IN this coming Friday.

ALL IN’s have proven to be our most fun event at the gym, we open our doors to the community for FREE.

This training session is appropriate for all fitness levels.

All members past and present are welcome along with friends, family, colleagues and dogs.

Duration is usually around 75mins.

Our regular 5.30pm strength session will be replaced with the ALL IN.



Blog: 4 Things I’ve Learnt In The USA


Blog: 4 Things I’ve Learnt In The USA

Blog: 4 Things I’ve Learnt In The USA

Wrapping up my 2 week learn-cation I feel it would be fitting to have a summary of some learnings I’ve had.

Its been a good trip, an un-expectedly random trip.

Booze, bears, beaches, bars, bbqs, barbells and hot sauce would summarise the happenings.

1. Distances is the perfect recipe for perspective

Perspective in life, friends, business and training.

I’ve had the opportunity to see things for what they really are from 5000ks.

You’re blessed.

2. The homelessness in LA has blown me away

It really makes you appreciate the life we have, if you’re reading this I bet you’ve got a very good standard of living and you need to appreciate that more.

My first day in LA I went down to Venice beach, it was like a scene from The Walking Dead.

People being crazy and running riot.

3. More education doesn’t equal better results

I’ve said this to my coaches a few times but the more I learn about strength & conditioning the more I dumb it down and get back to basics.

I’ve spent the better part of 9 years researching everything related to strength, more knowledge won’t make my members results better.

Adherence, attendance and sticking to the basics will.

Is the best coach the one who gets results or the one with the biggest brain?

4. The grass is always greener

Sometimes you get this fascination of what things will be like, that someone/somewhere/somehow has the secret sauce.

The moment you realise you have the secret sauce and the ability to have anything you want is an amazing thing.

The grass isn’t greener, you dictate your happiness wherever the fuck you are.


Blog: Unleash your inner beast


Blog: Unleash your inner beast

Blog: Unleash your inner beast

I’ve got alot of time on my hands at the moment, like a shit load.

I just arrived in Mammoth Mountain, California after a 5-hour drive leaving at 4.30am.

Leaving Los Angeles in the dark was an issue, I realised I probably need to get my eyes checked after struggling to make out cars 20m in front of me.

Don’t worry, I pulled over and waited for some light.

The questions I kept pondering on the drive were:

1. How can I improve the value for the Helix Gym members?

2. How can I solve their problems?

3. How can I improve their results?

At the end of the day, the member needs to take personal responsibility for their own progress.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

I could add all the value in the world.

I could give them the exact process to unleash their best ever performance.

But at the end of the day they’re going to need to commit to the process.

Without commitment the inner beast won’t come out.

Generally we do really well with attracting committed people.

The price-point is a massive deterrent to someone that isn’t going to show up.

“Its expensive”

Yeah it is, if you don’t show up.

If you do, you’ll get in the best shape of your life physically and mentally.

Everyone is training to get results and thats good.

We get results.

The investment matches the level of commitment.

We’ve got a 95% attendance rate, regular commercial gyms float between 20-30%.

A $9 per week membership of a $39 per week membership are different propositions.

Who is more likely to get results?

The person who’s more invested.

Not getting results? Maybe you need to put something on the line.


Blog: Why You Need Buy In For Life


Blog: Why You Need Buy In For Life

Why You Need Buy In For Life

I’ve been hanging out at Deuce Gym in Venice, CA.

They’ve got good coaches and alot of them, they pride themselves on that.

Why? How ? Have they cracked the code?

Its not uncommon to find a good coach or two in a gym but the whole team is rare, you usually get some duds.

I spent some time with the owner today Logan and I asked about the staffing situation.

To be a coach there you need to be a paid member for 3 months and then do a 6 month coaches prep course.

That’s a minimum of 9 months of BUY IN before you get the chance to gain employment.

This would weed out the bullshit.

You can’t just walk off the street and become a coach because you’ve got a massive squat.

Can you think of a situation in life where you really had to earn what you wanted? How much did you value that?

Can you also think of a situation in life where the opposite is true? You were just given something and it had little value.

It makes me think of my current coaches at Helix, Tayler and Cam.

They’ve both put the work in to earn their positions and they’re both great in their own way.

They give a fuck, they’ve got buy in.

Don’t underestimate the power of taking a journey to the outcome, the beauty is in that.

Earn your spot.


Blog: The Beauty Of Perspective


Blog: The Beauty Of Perspective

The Beauty Of Perspective

Your situation is shitty right?

You know what im talking about.

That thing thats pissing you off.

But is it really?

Shitty for you right now, but is it really that bad.

One mans trash, another mans treasure.

Zoom out on your situation, how bad is it in the scheme of things?

Will it matter in 5 years?

If it won’t, then you should give less of a fuck about it.

Getting bogged in the day to day without seeing the big picture.

Im in L.A, my friend Ben was telling me a story about a homeless guy he sees everyday.

The same guy has been under the same bridge for 5 years.

Let that sink in.

What have you done in the last 5 years, a fuck-load.

What has he done?

Alot of drugs and lived under a bridge in a sleeping bag.

If you’re reading this, we probably know each other and your standard of living is better than 95% of the worlds population.

Be grateful, its nothing you haven’t heard before but its a good reminder.


Top 5 Gyms I’ve Trained In Around The World


Top 5 Gyms I’ve Trained In Around The World

Top 5 Gyms I’ve Trained In Around The World

Its no secret I’m a self confessed meat head, I love training and I love training at other gyms to see how they do things.

I’ve been to 86 bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting, Crossfit, Calisthenics and Strength & Conditioning gyms across 4 continent.

It was hard to make my Top 5 but ill tell you why they were selected below.

The following list of facilities all have one thing in common: they were built with heart and passion.

Its one thing you’’ll struggle to find in a globo gym.

Number 5: Athlete X (Yangibup, Western Australia)

Mel and Sam from Athlete X are some of the most passionate and dedicated coaches I’ve met, their facility is efficient, huge and serves a purpose.

Their members get results and love training there, they know what they’re talking about and theres no fluff to their process.

Theres an athlete in everyone.


Number 4: Nirvana Strength (Bali, Indonesia)

After 17 trips to Bali in the last 8 years I’ve had the pleasure of lifting in every establishment on the island, some we’re good, some were diabolical and one was amazing.

Nirvana has the best coaches and facilities on the island, I’ve seen plenty of coaches in my time but their passion is second to none.

Its a breathe of fresh air to step into a gym that has an ego free zone.

If you’re in Bali hit up Ian & Jonathan


Number 3: Mikes Gym (Marbella, Spain)

I had the pleasure of training there for 6 days in 2017, its fully decked out with a CrossFit Box, Cali setup, OCR track and onsite accomodation.

Basking in the Spanish summer on south coast was one of the best training experiences Ive ever had.

The obstacles course which takes over an hour for most people will put hairs on your chin.

Mike from Mikes Gym is a pure legend.



Number 2: Das Gym (Vienna, Austria)

This gym was ridiculous, I couldn’t even fathom the setup cost. I walked in and my jaw was on the floor for the entire training experience over the 4 days I had there.

They’ve got more high end training gear than I’ve ever seen anywhere.

The 2 brothers who own Das Gym live for training, the kind of people that you’re just drawn too.

Every aspect of this facility was impressive, it was a huge inspiration for me.



Number 1: Helix Gym (Wangara, Western Australia)

My baby, what else could be #1?

After starting in my parents garage in 2015, its been a labour of love for 4 years to grow it to its current size.

Its been a process of blood, sweat and tears.

I’ve put everything I’ve earnt into the build and we’re proud of what it represents.

A community that cares for real strength & conditioning, we value all disciplines of S&C and they’re used in our programming when required.

We train for peak performance and everyone that commits to the process will attain it.



Whats your favourite gym in the WORLD? Comment below.