BLOG: You have what it takes, you can do it, you can get the result.


BLOG: You have what it takes, you can do it, you can get the result.

During our induction process, we talk through the “10 common reasons why people don’t get results with their training or goal”. Our induction process is thorough AF and sets our members up for amazing success (they all have mad success). One of the main ones is: “Getting stuck in your head”

What we mean by this is that:

✅ You don’t need to overthink the process, just stick to it.
✅ Don’t believe the excuses you tell yourself why you can’t.
✅ Don’t listen to others' opinions of your new fitness, performance or health regime it can get blurry if you take too many opinions. (Everyones a google scientist these days)

The main reason people de-rail their progress is themselves, stick to the program and trust the process.

If you’re wanting some accountability from a team that cares about your results to slide into our DM. to get this started, Lifes to short to not progress your training, fitness, performance & life.


BLOG: 5 Tips To Improve Your Sports Performance This Off-Season For Athletes


BLOG: 5 Tips To Improve Your Sports Performance This Off-Season For Athletes

1. Get Strong

Strength is the king of all physical traits, without it you’re a bag of bones.

Without strength, you can’t be fast, agile and powerful.

2. Get Into Olympic Lifting (Triple Extension)

Every real deal S&C coach has a soft spot for the triple extension, extend your ankles, knees, and hips to produce the holy grail triple extension.

The best way to overload triple extension and increase power output is with Olympic lifting & its variations.

Not the weird shitty technique style either, spend some time getting the proper technique and then load it up progressively.

3. Get Lean

The more non-functional (fat mass) you have the harder it will be to produce force, force & strength are king in sports.

Put down the beers, substitute it for another steak and lets cut the fat.

4. Recovery & Mobilise As Hard As You Train With Weights

A common error I see in athletes is not spending enough time stretching, recovering and sleeping.

This is where the gains are made.

Training is the stress and your adaptation occurs when you rest.

Rest up, bro.

5. Don’t Buy Into Fluff Training Methods

Jumping around with TRX’s, fancy wall sprint drills, Bosu ball shit, throwing 3x exercises together in one sequence.

All that fancy nonsense you see on Instagram isn’t going to have a drastic effect on your performance.

What will have a drastic effect is doing the basics over and over?

Lastly, athletes get yourself on a good athlete-specific program that works.

Doing nothing or doing more skill work in your sport might not be the best spend of your time this off-season.

Your over-enthusiastic coach will probably hammer you in pre-season with skills, beach running, pump classes, spin classes and other training methods that aren’t conducive to performance.

Beware it's wild out there

Tag an athlete that needs to hear it


BLOG: If you wanted to, you would.


BLOG: If you wanted to, you would.

The reason you tell yourself you can’t do it is stopping you in other areas of your life.

“I can’t find the time”
“I can’t afford it”
“My partner will kill me”
“It's going to be hard”
“I’m not fit enough”

They’re all limiting beliefs that aren’t serving you.

Imagine if you dropped that limitation because the reality is you can do whatever you want to, you can do what you say you can’t.

You can find the extra gear, you can grow, you can learn.

If you wanted to, you would.

Progress is always on the edge of comfort, right before you hit the sweet spot things can get hard and feel uncomfortable.

Time to live your own life, not for others.

Last few spots are filling up for the Helix Bali NYE Camp, the link is in our bio


BLOG: How does Helix actually work?


BLOG: How does Helix actually work?

After your Induction with the coaching team (Testing, goal setting, shirt receiving ceremony etc). We decide the best path for you in terms of programming.

Generally we have most people start on our Athlete programming or Performance Club.

We have a short & sharp dynamic warmup followed by loaded mobility & skills.

We then coach the fundaments of an olympic lift or a regression with a goal for the session (are we practicing a regression or a main lift for the block?) After our main oly lifting component the athletes separate from the Performance club and start their separate athlete specific programming.

Our performance club will enter their strength & hypertrophy programming finishing with some conditioning.

Our main goals for each session are progressive overload from the previous week.

The body requires a stress response greater in some degree compared with the previous session, week etc.

We also run separate conditioning session at the same time as performance & athlete.

Our athlete programming is low impact, low CNS recruitment and is easier on the body.

Perfect for athletes or people getting into training and want to build strength & length through all ROM’s.

Our Performance programming is more taxing on the body and is the next progression for most people.

In a nutshell we run science based athlete, non-athlete and conditioning training programs that work.

If you have a goal for fitness, health, performance or wellness we can get you there.

We’ve coached 2137 people over the last 10 years to get the model nailed down so when are you coming in? #mastersofGPP


BLOG: Cardio & Strength Training


BLOG: Cardio & Strength Training

One of the major myths about putting on muscle and getting stronger is to stay away from cardio as it is seen to limit or ruin your gains, this however is not true!

It is well known that cardiovascular training dramatically improves your capillary density, for those that don’t know capillaries are the small blood vessels that network through the muscles, and by increasing their density you also increase your ability to supply the working muscles with blood, oxygen and nutrients during training.

With that in mind the more fuel you can provide your muscles the bigger and stronger you are going to get with the research supporting this idea of incorporating 30-45 minutes into your strength training program.


BLOG: Thoughts of the day


BLOG: Thoughts of the day

Lets be honest,

everyone has their off days when things might not be going your way,

works been full on or you’re just simply lacking in motivation.

Days like these are when having a positive training environment can be of such importance

and can really help you to push yourself to get the best results.

Training with people who have shared values and goals and who genuinely care about you,

and your shitty day as well as who are committed to pushing you to reach your full potential -

is a great way to achieve this..

and is a great way to help keep you dedicated to your own goals and fitness.


BLOG: Guys - it’s time to get Summer ready!


BLOG: Guys - it’s time to get Summer ready!

How To Add 2KG Of Muscle GUARANTEED In The Next 6 Weeks, Or We’ll Give You DOUBLE Your Money Back!

Sometimes it doesn't work
Sometimes you mess up something you've done a thousand times
Sometimes you don't know why

Its not failure, it's a chance to learn.

We always want to improve and we strive for it by
- caring about you
- caring about your results
- caring about our programs
- caring about why you are here

Let us help you get to where you want to be

Simply follow the Helix Method for the next 6 weeks - and I will put my money where my mouth is.

Why would I do this?

Well I KNOW that over the next 6 weeks if you follow my Method, you will get results.

This has been proven across the 2,143 clients that I’ve worked with.
Now, if you want to start getting results IMMEDIATELY, then simply leave a comment, and I’ll reach out to see if you’re suitable for our next intake.


How to eliminate weaknesses & improve injuries easily


How to eliminate weaknesses & improve injuries easily

How to eliminate weaknesses & improve injuries easily

I love helping broken people overcome niggling injuries, pain and movement deficiencies with smart, structured and progressive strength programming.

Heres how I get all members to pain-free, moving well and happy with their training.

Is there a niggling injury you just can't get past?

Is it something you want to improve?

Heres how:

1. Identify the limiting factor or cause of the injury/discomfort via biomechanics assessment
2. Plan intervention for improvement
3. Take all joints to the maximal safe range during warm-up protocols (ankle, knees, hips, t-spine)
4. Add external load to lengthen & strengthen through all possible ROM
5. Add in strength training so solidify positions progressively
6. Use body-building style rep schemes to strengthen ligaments, tendons and pump the area was nutrients/blood.
7. Program other training methodologies to support additional goals.

Is this something your incorporating into your current training?

Commonly we see issues in the ankles, knees, and shoulders as the main areas.

Due to the 21st century lifestyle, we’re sitting most of the day so our bodies adapt to that position.

Taking the body into opposites is the best way to improve the range of motion through tight spots.

For shoulder health, we live in flexion so taking the shoulders into extension in a structured and progressive way is a game-changer for everyone we’ve worked with.

Improving weaknesses, pain and injuries is a simple process it just takes consistent effort overtime on the right type of program.

I've seen plenty of people get injured going to hard with their training when they’re not quite ready for it.

Lifes too short to be injured and not moving your best.

Is there anything you need help with?


BLOG: Trust the Process


BLOG: Trust the Process


Trust the process, like we always say.

When people follow structured and progressed programs, crazy things happen.

Tayler took her bench in 12 months from 52.5kg x 1 and is now working at 5x6 @ 60kg with a 5 second eccentric (not in the video). I predict her 1RM is now at 85-90kg which would represent a huge increase in 12-months. (+32.5-37.5kg)

What causes such a huge increase in a relatively short amount of time?

I think it could be: - Having a weaker lift previously due to not putting that much time into training it.

Or - Follow a structured strength program for 12 months alternative accumulation and intensification to the tee for that entire period.

Or - A combination of both (most likely). Whatever the cause, its a massive increase and something that needs to be acknowledged.

The key to this is, if you want to improve a lift you need to get after it with consistency and intensity for a long period.

Want to get stronger, bigger, leaner, faster or insert (desire)? Join Helix.

Those that commit and stay the course get wilder results than imaginable.

Letting external/internal factors get in the way of a result generally makes the desired outcome not happen.

We take care of the sciencey shit with programming so you don’t have to think about it.

We contact you most days to hold you accountable.

You’ll train is a fun environment 3-7x per week.

We pinch your fat regularly to make sure you’re on track.

We run in-house competitions to stoke the motivation for an outcome.

Helix has been 10 years in the making, 10 years of trial and error.

10 years of mess ups to make a very good system for getting results and improving lives.

Join our 6 week challenge:


BLOG: Lets face it everyone wants quick results but do you think they last?


BLOG: Lets face it everyone wants quick results but do you think they last?


If you got to the result you always wanted, then do you think you could actually keep it?
So much of the process of improving performance, health, fitness and body-composition changes are about mastering that level in your life.

What if you did 6-week challenge and then put the weight back on/went backwards?

Well you haven’t passed that level in your life or it wasn’t sustainable.

How about coming up with the same BS limiting beliefs mentally over and over?

Yep, still haven’t passed that level.

With body comp changes its about mastering your lifestyle and making it work.

Do you want results?

Something has to change and stay that way.

For me it was always struggling to make strength gains.

The problem I was jumping around training programs like a kangaroo in a hunt.

Shit was rapid.

Now I complete 10-12 week training cycles with 90% compliance rates and have become the strongest I ever have.

That was me 2 years ago.

So is the problem:

- Your coach?
- Your program?
- Your lifestyle?

Post your thoughts in the comments below.