Mobility & flexibility

Mobility generally refers to the amount of free movement around the joint whereas flexibility refers to the extensibility of muscle tissues.

Each of these components is essential for athletic performance and general health.

It is essential for athletes to take their limbs through the appropriate ranges of motion at required speeds to produce efficient and safe movement.

Poor hamstring flexibility as an example can affect sprinting stride on the lead leg that will restrict hip mobility.

This can shorten stride length and decrease speed as well as increase chance of injury in regard to over stretching a muscle during contraction.

At Helix Sports Performance we are a firm believer in our daily mobility, we strongly encourage all athletes and clients to perform our rigorous daily mobility routine.

This generally consists of 8-12 stretches performance for 30-90s each.

Before and after each session we emphasize the need for stretching & mobility work.

An athlete or client cannot begin a strength session until they have completed the appropriate stretching.

Like anything, developing good flexibility is a process and takes time.

We are committed to making this a habit of everyone that trains at Helix Sports Performance so that they can carry this forward into their lives.