Strength (60mins)


Our strength-based class is designed to get you as strong as possible in the shortest amount of time, we design a custom program based on your: goals, physical assessment and need analysis - We combine the classic: push, pull, hinge, squat, press, snatch and clean movements with world class coaching. We use the revolutionary training app TrainHeroic to deliver, track and assess progress on the strength program, this class is perfect for anybody from beginner to elite.

Mobility (30/60mins)


Our mobility class is designed to get you feeling amazing and moving like a ninja, we work through a range of joint mobilisations and flexibility through the key areas in the body. This is a blend of yoga, pilates and manual therapy with the goal of getting the best flexibility gains in the hour.

Gymnastics (60min)


Our gymnastics sessions are programmed to progress you from beginner to advanced by conquering your bodyweight with gymnastics based exercises such as planche, back/front lever, handstands, muscle ups and much more. We even throw in skill training around juggling and circus, this is based around enhancing your coordination and skill attainment.

Conditioning (60mins)


During our class you will be working in a supportive small group environment, our blend of science-based metabolic conditioning protocols to increase fitness, burn fat and get the metabolism firing. We utilise partner and team training during these sessions.

Mindset (60mins)

During our mindset sessions, we work through self-awareness, goal setting, removing limiting beliefs and negative emotions to enhance your mental health and put you in the best frame of mind to live your best life.