Strength (60mins)


Our strength-based class is designed to get you as strong as possible in the shortest amount of time, we design a custom program based on your: goals, physical assessment and need analysis - We combine the classic: push, pull, hinge, squat, press, snatch and clean movements with world class coaching. We use the revolutionary training app TrainHeroic to deliver, track and assess progress on the strength program, this class is perfect for anybody from beginner to elite.

Mobility (30/60mins)


Our mobility class is designed to get you feeling amazing and moving like a ninja, we work through a range of joint mobilisations and flexibility through the key areas in the body. This is a blend of yoga, pilates and manual therapy with the goal of getting the best flexibility gains in the hour.

Gymnastics (60min)


Our gymnastics sessions are programmed to progress you from beginner to advanced by conquering your bodyweight with gymnastics based exercises such as planche, back/front lever, handstands, muscle ups and much more. We even throw in skill training around juggling and circus, this is based around enhancing your coordination and skill attainment.

Conditioning (30-60mins)


During our class you will be working in a supportive small group environment, our blend of science-based metabolic conditioning protocols to increase fitness, burn fat and get the metabolism firing. We utilise partner and team training during these sessions.

Throwdown (60-90mins)

Our weekly throw-down sessions are designed to bring out your best, its a competitive style training session where we invite the whole Helix Gym community. It will leave you feeling fired up and ready to progress your training and life

1. How long are sessions?


Sessions are 60min in duration, they comprise of a 9-12min warmup focusing on dynamic stretching to get you ready for the session ahead.

We then start the strength or conditioning component of your session.

We allow members to stay back after the session to get some extra training done if they require it.

2. Are the sessions coached?

Yes, all classes are coached by a head coach who is accompanied by junior coaches/interns.

The coach to member ratio is usually 1:3.

It's basically personal training in a small group.

3. What if I have injuries?

We can work around most injuries and still have productive training experience, we specialise in rehab for sporting injuries.

If you’re broken, we can help.

4. Do you supply programs?

Yes, we give all members training programming via the TrainHeroic mobile application, members are asked to update their sets, reps, weights and rate their sessions on the app.

5. How do memberships work?

We offer a range of memberships to suit every budget, they range from 2x per week to unlimited.

We encourage anyone looking to experience Helix to book in for a free session.

6. Do you do personal training?


Yes, we do personal training, most memberships include monthly personal training to brushing up on technique or have an intense session.

7. Do you do an initial assessment?

Yes, we run all members through the following assessments prior to their first session:

1. Skin-fold body-fat assessment

2. Biomechanics assessment

3. Goal setting questionnaire

4. Medical questionnaire

8. Do you offer nutrition help?

Yes, we offer nutrition guidance although for complex issues we would recommend seeing a dietician.

Our coaching team has certifications in nutrition but we’re a strength gym and never confuse that, training is our game.

9. Are you open on the weekends?

Yes, we have two classes on Saturday and Sunday.

10. What are the session times?

The timetable can be viewed by clicking the “timetable” button in the index at the top of this page, we run 5x sessions per day mornings and night.

11. Do you do reassessments?


Yes, all memberships include reassessments to see where you’re at from a body fat/body composition point of view.

We use the 12-site bio sig method of assessment with skin fold calipers.

12. Do you train non-athletes?

Yes, we train athletes and non-athletes.

Both have different requirements and goals so the programming is slightly different.

Both are functional styles of training.

13. Do you have a lock-in contract?

No, we don’t have a lock-in contract we offer the choice of weekly debits or pay in advance.

For the weekly commitment, we have a 4-week notice period.